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119. Home Schooling Cannot Counteract ACLU - Supreme Court Secular Schools

Think how difficult it is for a mother to not be able to work, and to spend all night studying what she has to teach her children the next day. Think of a mother with four children who has to prepare sixteen lessons for those children the next day. Mothers who go through this sacrifice to protect their children from the terrible fate of ungodliness taught in secular schools are praiseworthy exhausted saints.

Christian home schooling is not the answer to ACLU - US Supreme Court mandated secular humanism in secular schools. Parents now pay for their children's home schooling education with their own money in addition to taxes for public schools. That is the first step toward counteracting the Karl Marx legacy and restoring our freedom from the illegal unconstitutional, discriminatory suppression of both learning and free speech imposed on us by the violation of the US Constitution by the Supreme Court  and American Civil Liberties Union and the Supreme Court ruling. 

Home schooling is not the answer to defending ourselves against secular humanism in secular schools. The second step should be for congregations to pay for the education of the children in that congregation through their tithes. The third step should be for religions such as Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics, etc. to pay for the private Christian schools through tithes. A small tuition may be helpful, but all believers, not just those with school age children, should be participating in sponsoring huge private Christian school costs through tithes. As the private schools increase and spread, eventually all who believe in Intelligent Design may unite to have secular schools open to all who want that type of education.


In the Netherlands, children may attend state sponsored Catholic schools, Christian schools or non-denominational schools as they and their parents prefer. But America, the land of the free are denied such rights.


In the New Testament, St. Paul and other Christians went to the Gentiles, those whom did not believe, and told them about Jesus and the wonderful works He did on earth. And many gave up their false religions and their evil ways and became Christians. This is what we need to do to improve life on earth.


However, as we bring them to us, we should teach our impressionable children to resist everything that is not a part of Intelligent Design, and not indiscriminately adopt the habits of unbelievers. We must practice segregation by growing kids God's way and should not send our children to secular humanist public schools. Most religious children come out of secular humanism schools atheists and hate their parents. Home schooling is an excellent legal start. But the Christian communities should work together to make public schools for believers. Each church in each community should set up schools sponsored by the members of that church. As each faith such as the Catholics already do, we should set up public schools throughout the world that teach Intelligent Design Theory. Set up church-sponsored Christian schools, and make them open to the public.


As these schools increase, government-sponsored schools will dwindle and eventually become a small minority. About seventy percent of all Americans do not believe in evolution. We can help by protesting the use of public tax moneys for teaching humanist evolution subjects that we disagree with. We are the majority, and we should elect public officials that represent us rather than those that represent only the atheists and evolutionists. As the concept of Intelligent Design theory grows, I believe that government-sponsored schools will be forced to give equal time to the consideration of creation versus evolution. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. It is time we return the earth to the One who created it and to whom it belongs. It must begin with each and every one of us, not just those parents who are smart enough and wealthy enough to educate their children through home schooling. Go to your church now, and urge them to set up and sponsor a Christian public school for your community. Surely your church and all the churches of the same denomination in your community can take one-tenth of their donations and set up private schools for your children.


When Satan is bound for a thousand years, it will be those who believe in Intelligent Design that bind him. We are only part of God's kingdom when we ourselves resist Satan. Do not ask others not to abort, murder, steal or lie. Our job is to resist Satan ourselves. If we cannot do that, Satan will never be bound, and will never flee from us. Home schooling is not the answer to ACLU-Supreme Court mandated secular humanist public schools. We must get our churches to sponsor Christian private schools so that all Christian children can receive unbiased education, not just those whose mothers have the ability, money and time to teach their own children.


Copyright (C) 2009 Robert Laing  All rights reserved


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