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Section 22. Intelligent Design Theory of Space

104. Hot Sun, Stars and Planets in Near Absolute Zero Space Temperature

Intelligent Design theory considers how the sun, stars and planets get so hot in near absolute zero temperature space. The temperature of the background radiation from space is 2.7 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero. Yet the stars, sun and planets have temperatures that scientists attribute to nuclear decay.


From the space program, we now know that the interiors of stars, most planets and even some moons are heated. Jupiter and Saturn give off more heat than they absorb from the sun. We also know that most all celestial bodies spin, orbit and have magnetic fields. Intelligent Design theory of models of the atom and gravity-antigravity explain all but the spins. It may be that spin, orbit and magnetic field rather than nuclear reactions produce most of the heat in celestial bodies, as there is a definite lack of neutrinos that scientists claim would result from atomic reactions in the sun.


As we learned in Section 9, the basic building block of all the elements is the H2 hydrogen atom. In H2 two protons have a single electron locked between them and another electron is trying to get between the two protons to neutralize the two positive charges of the protons, but is repelled by the electron locked between the two protons. This leaves an infinitesimal excess charge that attracts all other atoms, but can never be satisfied. The result is gravity. It is that excess charge spinning and orbiting that creates magnetic fields.


We do not yet know why celestial bodies spin, but we do know that rotating electrons create electricity, magnetism and eddy currents. Since most all celestial bodies spin and orbit, they also have magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are stronger if iron, cobalt and some other metals are present in that body. Every magnetic field in the universe extends throughout the universe, even though so weak at great distances as to be immeasurably slight.


Every celestial body spinning and orbiting through space is passing through magnetic fields that permeate all space. This includes all stars. As we learned in Section 8 about the sun, the sun may not be heating through the hydrogen-helium process that scientists believe. As we learned in Section 1 about global warming, the interior of the earth increases in temperature as Jupiter becomes closer to the earth and sun every 60 years. We also learned that Jupiter causes the eleven-year sunspot cycle as it orbits the sun and causes the sun's magnetic field to actually flip 180 degrees every eleven years. As celestial bodies pass through magnetic fields that permeate all space, they heat up.


From knowledge of Intelligent Design Theory, we may speculate that stars do not become hot from nuclear reactions that would soon dissipate, but from stars creating or passing through magnetic fields. The amount of magnetic field and the mass and the heat generated would then determine whether the star is a star or a planet. The more massive a celestial body is, the greater the heat generated. If the body is small, it is not hot enough to be a gaseous star, and is cool enough to be a solid planet, moon, asteroid or comet.


Heat is a vibration of the atoms. When a celestial body becomes hot enough, the vibration reaches the frequency of light energy. If it becomes hotter like the sun, outer atomic electrons vibrate so hard that they fly off the atoms. We then have a solar wind of electrons (beta particles and x-rays) streaming away from the sun. This leaves positively charged atoms behind. Because these atoms repel each other, we have solar flares and a release of alpha particles that are related to sun spots, which are helium atoms with the two outer electrons removed by the intense heat. Hot alpha particles are extremely reactive, separating into two unstable neutrons. The result is a regrouping of electrons and protons to become neutral elements that gravity pulls back to the sun. Protons, electrons and positively charged helium atoms (alpha particles) continuously bombard the earth. By considering Intelligent Design theory, we are able to determine how the sun, stars and planets get so hot in near absolute zero temperature space.


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