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Appendix 4


Intelligent Design Theory of

Human Viruses and Virus Protection

"You shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3)."


Since our Intelligent Designer decided to wake me up a thousand times with a thousand precepts of the proton, electron and finally the true structure of an atom, we now know more about the invisible atom than we know about viruses that are millions of times larger, yet thousands of times smaller than bacteria. Bacteria can be filtered out of solution and seen with 1000-power light microscopes, while viruses pass through filters and can only be partially seen with electron microscopes53. Just as there is a purpose for everything God created, according to Intelligent Design theory, there is apparently a purpose for human viruses and virus protection.


I didn't ask our spiritual Father to give me a PhD in the structure of the atom; and I certainly am not interested in a thousand more sleep interruptions concerning cancer and viruses. There are many others that have made great discoveries concerning viruses, and will certainly be many more.


The one thing that I do think I know about viruses is what that great believer in Intelligent Design, Albert Einstein told the evolutionists that they totally ignored: "God does not play dice." I believe this. When God created the material universe, His (Its) plan for viruses must have been included, which is revealed throughout Scripture: "Don't mess with Me, or you'll be sorry, down to your third and fourth generations. I, the LORD your God am a jealous God, punishing the children of the fathers of those who hate Me to the third and fourth generations, which includes showing mercy to those who love Me and keep My commandments (Exodus 20:5-6)." Can anything better describe viruses that lay dormant for generations, pass on to children, and strike like lightning at random?


So far, others have learned that viruses are like inert molecules that can survive like invisible dust until they get into someone's' cells from a sneeze or sex, as Ann Guidici Fetner put it54, or from being passed from a mother to a fetus, as happens with the herpes virus, Ebola virus, HIV virus, Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis virus, AIDS virus and most other types of viruses. Viruses may or may not become activated or even mutated to multiply with lightning speed, as Ann Fetner wrote, to infect vast populations.


In my opinion, it is very dangerous to inject these time bombs into people in the form of "flu shots", even though we pick up millions of viruses every day as we unsuspectingly go about our business. I have consistently seen my grandchildren come down with influenza after receiving flu shots, while I refused the shots and did not get influenza. While the killed virus of Dr. Salk's polio vaccine seemed to work well, the weakened live virus polio vaccines of today apparently may be causing polio. We know that once an influenza virus infests large populations, it seems to disappear and other viruses emerge later. Our Intelligent Designer, having apparently planned viruses, also built into our bodies a mysterious plan to daily invent immune mechanisms that render viruses inert and flush them out of our bodies. The concept of flu shots is to put this autoimmune system into action. Unfortunately, due to the virus molecules' ability to change and due to the existence of many different strains of virus, injecting one virus strain does not protect us from other strains for which our body has not already developed immunity. We get natural "flu shots" from nature every time we breathe or perform any other life-sustaining action.


When it comes to self-protection, there are a few things I know. One is, love God and try to follow His commandments. We still get viruses but live healthier, happier lives on a level of statistical certainty with God-centered science.  Don't invent other gods such as cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes, artificially-treated foods, sex for purposes other than the purpose God created it and the list goes on and on.


I also believe, as John Wesley (1703-91) preached, cleanliness is indeed next to godliness. Since viruses are everywhere, we cannot avoid them, but constantly build immunity to them as we are naturally exposed; but at least don't wallow in filth to invite large quantities of viruses into your body at one time.


And finally, I think I know where the saying, "Born with a silver spoon in his mouth" came from. In India, I have eaten thin silver foil as a garnish for food to prevent bacteria, viruses and fungi in the filth abounding in India from infecting Indians. Silver has been used throughout the world for nineteen hundred years to protect against virus, bacteria and fungus-caused diseases. Silver is used instead of chlorine in some swimming pools today. The wealthy Europeans avoided the bubonic plague in the 14th century by eating off of silver utensils and giving their children silver pacifiers or spoons to suck on. Silver prevents viruses from activating; and so does hydrogen peroxide. Legionnaires' disease can be avoided by spraying a solution of hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate into air conditioning vents, as can any other viral or bacterial disease, as my PhD microbiologist friend, Dr. Pandya in India taught me, as it destroys over 400 different types of viruses and bacteria. Other potential cures for viruses and bacteria are electrotherapy and magnetic therapy.


Sunshine, vitamin D3 and skin color prevent cancer, pneumonia and influenza. People do not get pneumonia or the flu in the summer time - - only when they don't get out in the sun. Cinnamon and tea tree oil are strong virus inhibitors, bactericides and fungicides. Turmeric prevents cancer caused by pesticides. In India the poverty-stricken farm workers who spray pesticides on pistachios and other food products know they have a life expectancy of five years due to cancer; but it is worth it to them to be able to eat rather than starve. The population flavors their food with turmeric (curry) in addition to eating thin silver sheets as decorations on desserts, and their cancer rate is extremely low.


There is no cure for colds? Colds are not caused by bacteria, but by viruses. Antibiotics only help against bacterial infections. So how about a dilute hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate nose spray? Is silver something that our Intelligent Designer created for a purpose? Is hydrogen peroxide created by lightning and by the sun's radiation of water vapor in the ozone layer created for the purpose of cleansing the earth for those who do not wallow in filth? What is one of the many purposes of boron? Boric acid stops viruses and fungi cold, and was used for years as an eyewash for pinkeye. Finally, those who follow Intelligent Design Theory by eating healthy organic foods and live a clean life-style are also less likely to activate viruses. Jesus sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit to teach us all things (John14:26). Obviously, there is an Intelligent Design purpose for human viruses and virus protection, just as there is for anaerobic disease bacteria.


53. Kevles, Daniel J, 1995. Pursuing the Unpopular: A History of Courage, Viruses and Cancer, in HIDDEN HISTORIES OF SCIENCE, edited by Robert S. Silvers, a New York Review Book, NY.

54. Fetner, Ann Giudici, 1990. THE SCIENCE OF VIRUSES: WHAT THEY ARE, WHY THEY MAKE US SICK, HOW THEY WILL CHANGE THE FUTURE. William Morrow and Company, New York.


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