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Intelligent Design Theory

Index -- Creationism vs. Evolution Book Keywords

Keywords in this Index without links are not underlined and are only in the book Intelligent Design Theory -- Creationism vs. Evolution; they are not explained in this web site. For more information, please refer to the Table of Contents


2012 predictions, doomsday, end of the world prophecy

360 vs 365 days

365 days in a year


Absolute zero

Acid rain

Acid rain

Acid lake rain solution

Acid rains, chemistry of

Acid rain, cause of

Acid rain, effects of

Acid rains, atmospheric cause of

ACLU-Supreme Court-run schools

Adam and Eve

Aerobic bacteria

African Americans and rickets

Age of the earth, Evolution Technology vs Creation Science

Age of the Earth, Euphrates River

Age of the Earth, Intelligent Design

Age of the Earth, Moon Dust

Age of the Earth Based on Speed of Light

Age of the universe

Age of the universe based on Big Bang

Age of the universe based on true speed of light

Age of the universe based on corrected radioisotope decay



AIDS virus

Air compressor


Airplane crash

Air pump

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein





Alpha particle

Alpha particles from the sun


Alternative energy

Alternative energy sources

Alzheimer's disease

Alpha particles

Amendment 1 of the US Constitution

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

America, destruction of


Ammonite fossils

Anaerobic bacteria

Anatomy of the human body

Ancient Babylon

Ancient civilizations

Ancient Druids

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian gods

Ancient Egypt pyramids

Ancient Egypt religion

Ancient history of Babylon

Animal anatomy

Animal miracles


Animals and telepathy

Animal sacrifice

Animals, farm

Answered prayer



Ants and telepathy




Ark of the Covenant



Arp, Halton

Article II of the Constitution

Article V of the Constitution


Astrological signs






Atmospheric methane


Atom and Jesus Christ

Atom models

Atom, true structure of an

Atom, what makes up an


Atoms and entropy

Atoms and molecules

Atoms, cycles of

Atoms, structure of

Atomic energy

Atomic waste

Atomic weight

Atom models

Atom, parts of

Atom, what is an

Atoms, protons, neutrons electrons

Attention deficit disorder

Attitude Indicator in Bermuda Triangle

Aurora borealis

Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)

A walk in the woods



Bacteria, methanogenic

Bacteria, natural healing for

Bad backs


Barnes, Thomas G.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama and the New World Order

Barbara Kingsolver


Bees and telepathy

Beginning of the universe

Bermuda Triangle

Beryllium atom

Beryllium atom model

Beryllium atoms, facts about

Beryllium crystal

Beryllium in Periodic Table of the Elements

Bible and the Ten Commandments

Bible as history

Bible disproves evolution

Bible, edible foods

Bible forbidden in public schools


Bible food

Bible predictions of recent discoveries

Bible science

Bible study

Bible, three most important historical events

Bible time of creation

Bible verses about sun

Biblical flood and Babylon

Biblical food

Biblical truths that will change your life

Big Bang and quasars

Big Bang theory

Big Bang theory and entropy

Big Bang Theory of evolution

Big Bang theory vs creation

Biography of Robert Laing

Biological evolution

Biological transmutation

Blue green algae control

Black Gold Stranglehold

Black Hole 12-21-2012

Black hole and Big Bang theory

Black hole facts

Black holes

Black holes and antimatter

Black holes facts

Black Holes in space theory

Black Holes vs. creation

Bob Laing

Bohr atom model

Bohr, Niels

Bone Pain

Book of Job

Born, Max

Boron atom

Boron atom model

Boron in Periodic Table of the Elements

BP gulf oil spill

Broglie, Louis de


Buckyballs and boron

Buckyballs and Intelligent Design theory

Buddhism and Kumari

Buddhism and public schools


Burning fossil fuel


Calcium for water pollution control

Cancer and edible foods

Cancer and hydrogen peroxide

Cancer and pesticides

Cancer and pesticides

Cancer and vitamin D

Capillary action in plants


Capricorn sign

Carbon atom

Carbon in Periodic Table of the Elements

Carbon atom model

Carbon atoms in a diamond

Carbon 14 dating

Carbon 14 dating and radioactive decay

Carbon dating and the Great Flood

Carbon dioxide and evolution

Carbon dioxide and photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide oxygen cycle

Carbon dioxide cycle

Carbon dioxide and forest fires

Carbon dioxide and global warming

Carbon dioxide hoax

Carbonic acid in rain

Cats and telepathy

Cause of global warming

Causes of acid rain

Celiac disease


Centrifugal force

Centrifugal force on the sun

Centripetal force

Céide Fields

Ceide Fields Mayo

Cepheid star variable


Charles Darwin theory of evolution vs. conscience


Charles Darwin theory of evolution

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution

Chemical energy

Chemical treatment and non chemical treatment of water

Chile earthquake

China religion

Chinese and the Tower of Babel

Chinese creation story

Chinese ancient Noah's Ark

Chinese symbol or character for sacrificial lamb

Chinese Temple of Heaven

Chiropractic care


Chlorine atomic weight

Chlorine in Period Table of the Elements

Chlorophyll and brightness of the sun

Chlorophyll and magnesium, iron and zinc

Chlorophyll atom

Chlorophyll and symbiosis


Christ's sacrifice

Clothing, why humans wear

Clouds of dust and gas in interstellar space

Color of carbon

Color of gold




Consciousness and entropy

Constitution, US and Barack Obama

Constitution what it says about the Supreme Court

Constitution, U.S. and Supreme Court


Comets in space

Comet photo




Conversational prayer

Copernicus, Nicholaus


County Mayo Ireland

Crab Nebula


Creation, Adam and Eve

Creation and methane-based life

Creation and punctuated equilibrium

Creation and the fossil record\

Creation and water

Creation, book summary

Creation, Chinese

Creation evidence


Creation of a young earth

Creation of the earth, Noah's ark and Jesus' death

Creation of the earth based on speed of light

Creation of the universe

Creation, proof of

Creation of the universe

Creation, one most important events in history

Creation Research, Institute for

Creation Science

Creation Science vs. Evolution

Creation, speed of light at

Creation taught in public schools

Creation, time of

Creation, vacuum in space

Creation vs evolution, age of the earth

Creation vs evolution, book

Creation vs evolution, consciousness

Creation vs evolution myths and miracles

Creationism vs evolution taught in public schools

Crohn’s disease

Crystal quartz

Crystal salt

Cystic fibrosis

Crookes radiometer

Crookes, Sir William


Dark energy

Dark Flow

Dark Matter

Darwin and atheism

Darwin and the Supreme Court

Darwin, Charles theory of evolution

Darwin's theory of evolution

Darwin's theory of evolution, different theories of

Darwin’s theory of natural selection

Day of rest


Delaware Indians


Deposit, muck, sludge, sediment

Diamond crystal

Diamond shape

Diamond, specific heat

Diamonds and helium diffusion

Diamonds are made of carbon

Diamonds, carbon 14 in

Diamonds, natural made


Different theories of evolution

Digestion and Vitamin D

Digestive enzymes

Dinosaur facts

Dinosaur fossils

Dinosaur fossils in the Grand Canyon and Badlands

Dinosaurs and the Great Flood

Dirac, Paul

Disease bacteria

Disease viruses

DNA and enzymes

DNA molecule

DNA, odds against

Doppler, Christian effect

Does God Exist?

Does the sun orbit the galaxy

Dogs and telepathy

Doppler shift

Dr. Bob Beck

Dredge pond, lake river, reservoir


Drinking water treatment process


Drugs, illegal

Dust and gas in space

Dust particles in space

Duties of Supreme Court

Dynamic braking


E=mc2 and energy

E=mc2 and speed of light


Earth, age of and nuclear decay

Earth, age of and speed of light

Earth Covered in Dust

Earth Four Billion Years Ago

Earth is the center of the universe?

Earth, magnetic field

Earth rotates around the sun

Earth stands still

Earth sun orbit in our galaxy, the

Earth temperature


Earth rotates

Earth's magnetic field

Earth orbits around the sun

Earth's rotation

Easter Island

Eclipse of the moon


Eddy current

Edwin Hubble, the red shift

Effects of acid rain

Egypt and the pyramids

Egypt and the time of the Flood

Egypt gods

Egyptian pyramids

Einstein and God

Einstein and the speed of light

Einstein E=mc2

Einstein’s, Albert theory of relativity

Electrical energy


Electromagnetic wave natural cure

Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves and electricity

Electromagnetic waves and electrons

Electromagnetic waves and gravity

Electromagnetic waves and light

Electromagnetic waves and photons

Electromagnetic waves and symbiotic relationships

Electromagnetic waves from atoms



Electron and proton cause of gravity

Electron and telepathy

Electron beam accelerator

Electron, mass of vs heat

Electron proton neutron number in atoms

Electrons and light energy

Electrons and nuclear waste management

Electrons, arrangement of in atoms

Electrons in atoms

Electrons in atoms

Electrons in magnetic fields, Periodic Table

Electrons in magnetic fields, cause of gravity

Electrons in a tornado

Elements essential for life

El Nino

End of the world

End times


Energy and entropy

Energy, conservation

Energy conversion

Energy conversion, mass to

Energy crisis

Energy pyramids


Enzymes in food

Enzymes in human anatomy

Enzymes in sprouts

Enzymes in water pollution control

Essential oils

Euphrates River

Evidence for evolution

Evidence for Intelligent Design

Evidence of a young earth

Evidence of a world-wide flood


Evolution and conscience

Evolution and entropy

Evolution and natural selection

Evolution and the food network

Evolution as fact

Evolution by natural selection

Evolution of consciousness

Evolution evidence

Evolution, false assumptions about

Evolution, false evidence of

Evolution hoaxes

Evolution in public schools

Evolutionist misrepresentation of methane and carbon dioxide


Evolution myths and miracles

Evolution of cells

Evolution vs creationism

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design theory

Evolution should be taught in schools

Evolution, theories of

Evolution technology

Evolution vs creation

Evolution vs creationism

Evolution vs creation science

Evolution vs creation science

Evolution vs creationism in public schools

Evolution vs creationism myths and miracles

Evolution, when did it start being taught in schools

Exodus 20

Expanding universe

Expanding universe and quasars

Expanding universe theory

Extraterrestrial Life

Extraterrestrial life

Ezekiel, book and spaceships of

Facts about fossils

Facts about Radon

Facts on UFOs

Famous black scientist

Famous facts of Ireland

Famous Scientists

Famous scientists in history

Faraday, Michael


Fish fossils

Flat earth


Flood, ancient Chinese art

Flood, China

Flood, evidence

Flood, history of the great in Noah's day

Flood in Ireland

Flood of Noah, heat produced

Flood of Noah, one of three most important historical events

Flood of Noah, rapid radioactive decay

Flood of Noah, unnatural conditions

Flood, time of

Flood, North American Indian myths of

Floods, cause of

Flora and fauna symbiosis

Flora and fauna oxygen cycle

Flowers and bees


Flying saucers


Food network

Food science

Forbidden Knowledge: Does God exist?

Forbidden Knowledge of Adam and Eve

Forbidden Knowledge of the three most important events

Forbidden knowledge of the Tower of Babel

Forms of energy

Fossil evidence for evolution

Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels depletion

Fossil record


Fossils and creation

Fossils and punctuated equilibrium

Fossils and the great flood

Fossils in the Grand Canyon and Badlands

Fossils, proof of the Great Flood

Fossil types

Forest fires, benefits of

Forest fires, prevent

Freedom of speech and the Constitution

Freedom of speech and the Supreme Court



Function of a nucleus


Galaxies and Big Bang theory of evolution

Galaxies and creation

Galaxies and quasars

Galaxies and red shift mismatch

Galaxies center and sunspots

Galaxies, black holes and antimatter

Galaxies, magnetic fields


Galaxy center

Galaxy, Milky Way

Galileo Galilei

Garden of Eden

Gas and dust in space

Gas clouds in space

Gas in space

Gemini symbol

General relativity


Genesis 1

Genesis, Adam and Eve

Genesis Bible

Genesis flood and Chinese history

Genesis flood and Chinese ancient carvings


Geocentric theory

Geological history Niagara Falls

George Washington Carver

Gilgamesh epic

Girl worship


Global Cooling

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global temperature

Global warming, cause of

Global warming hoax and myth

Gluten intolerance


God, and bible science

God and science

God, answered prayer

God, atoms and the universe

God, creation of the universe

God, does He exist?

God Jehovah

Gods of Egypt

God's Ten Commandments


Gold color

Gold foil experiment

Gold, lead into

Gold specific heat

Government, protection from

Grain of sand



Graphite and Intelligent Design theory



Gravity, theory of

Gravity, speed of

Gravity and space time warping

Gravity, center of

Gravity, discovery of

Gravity, Einstein

Gravity in the core of the sun

Gravity in space

Gravity, Isaac Newton

Gravity, what is

Gravity, zero

Great flood, the

Great Pyramid of Egypt

Great pyramids

Greenhouse effect

Gregor Mendel

Growing kids God's way

Gulf of Mexico oil spill

H1N1 virus and vaccine

H2 atom

H2 structure

Hale Bopp comet

Hallucination in science

Haiti earthquake disaster

Harvesting weed

Healing hands

Healing back pain

Healing magnets

Healing touch


Health food

Health and harmful food additives

Health care problems in US system

Healthy food

Health problems

Heat energy


Heisenberg, Werner

Helium atom model

Helium atom picture

Helium in diamonds

Helium in Periodic Table of the Elements

Hell from a tailspin

Hell from non-belief in God

Henri Bequerel


Hercules, constellation

High fructose corn syrup

Hinduism in schools

Hinduism and reincarnation

Historical sites

History of Babylon

History of the atom

History of the Euphrates River


HIV AIDS treatment



HIV virus

Hole in the ozone layer

Holy Bible

Holy Bible study

Holy Spirit

Home schooling

Hot planets

Hot stars

Hot sun

House of Representatives, US

How are different types of fossils formed

How are fossils formed

How does the earth rotate

How does the sun get so hot

How do you dredge a small pond

How fossils are formed

How Great Pyramid was built

How is acid rain formed

How many blocks make up the Great Pyramid

How many stars are there

How many years did it take to build the Great Pyramid

How to get your prayers answered

How to pray

How to pray to God

How to talk to God

How was Niagara Falls made

Hsia Dynasty

Hubble, Edwin red shift

Hubble's Bubble

Hubble space telescope

Human anatomy

Human body organs

Human organs

Human sacrifice

Human telepathy

Human viruses

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricanes and sunspots

Hurricanes, eye of the

Hurricanes, what causes

Hurricanes and wind electricity

Hurricanes, where do they occur

Hydrocarbons, aromatic

Hydrocarbons and photosynthesis

Hydrocarbons from animals

Hydrocarbons produced by plants

Hydroelectric energy

Hydrogen atom

Hydrogen atom is really H2

Hydrogen atom model

Hydrogen atom picture

Hydrogen in Period Table of the Elements


Ice, asteroids water 

Ice, melting point

Ice, specific heat of

Illegal immigration

Important historical events

Income tax

Indian creation myths

Indian creation stories

Indian religion

Inscriptions in the Great Pyramid of Giza

Inspirational thought

Institute for Creation Research

Intelligence, creation vs. evolution

Intelligent Design in ancient civilizations

Intelligent design of chlorophyll

Intelligent design should be taught in school

Intelligent design science

Intelligent Design theory

Intelligent Design theory of intelligence

Intelligent design vs evolution

Interesting facts on Niagara Falls

Internal organs


Ireland history

Iron for water pollution control


Isaac Newton, Sir

Isotopes, radioactive decay

Japan earthquake




Jesus and answered prayer

Jesus and income tax

Jesus and the woman at the well

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ and answered prayer

Jesus Christ and the history of the atom

Jesus Christ, eternal life through

Jesus crucified

Jesus' death

Jesus forgives sin

Jesus history

Jesus in school

Jesus is God's Son

Jesus is the living water

Jesus, Lamb of God

Jesus miracles

Jesus prayer

Jesus prophesied in Old Testament

Jesus resurrection

Jesus return

Jesus, sacrifice of

Jesus saves



Job 38

Joseph Lister


Joy of life

Junk food


Jupiter, facts about

Karl Marx theories

Kinetic energy

Kirlian photography


Kumari worship

Laing, Biography

Lake dredging

Lake Restoration

Lamp oil

Lao Tzu

Latest news on oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

Leo the Lion


Life cycle


Light, dual nature of

Light energy

Light escaping black holes

Light from the sun

Light, inertia of

Light, nature of

Light radiation

Light, speed of 

Light, velocity of

Light, what is?

Lightning and how it is produced

Lightning energy

Lightning produces nitrogen

Lightning, voltage in a bolt of

Light waves


Life and health

Life changing Biblical truths

Life on other planets

List of the Ten Commandments

Lithium atom model

Lithium in batteries

Lithium in Periodic table of the Elements

Liver Disease

Lotus, natural selection of

Louis Pasteur


Love of life

Love your neighbor as yourself




Magnesium atom

Magnesium, atomic weight of

Magnesium for water pollution control

Magnesium, specific heat of

Magnesium, structure of

Magnetic compass in Bermuda Triangle

Magnetic fields, Sun's, Earth, Mars, Jupiter

Magnetic health therapy

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy for pain



Magnets, facts about

Magnets for healing


Mark of the beast

Mary and Martha and Jesus

Mary mother of Jesus

Marx, Karl


Mass and Einstein's energy


Mayan Calendar

Mental telepathy

Map of the Persian Gulf

Mass and velocity

Mass attractions

Mass of an alpha particle

Mass of a photon

Mass of the sun

Mass spectrometry

Max Planck

Mayan gods

Mayo Ireland

Mechanical energy

Medical science and foods


Meteor showers

Meteors and the Great Flood

Methane based life

Methane, chemical composition

Methane gas

Methane, how is produced

Michael Pollan

Michelson-Morley experiment and Intelligent Design theory

Michelson & Morley experiment critique


Milky way

Milky Way Galaxy



Michael Faraday


Miracles in the Bible

Model of a carbon atom

Model of an atom

Modern theory of evolution

Modern theory of evolution, different theories of



Moon dust

Moon gravity


Most important events in history

Most important people

Mountains and the Great Flood


Mount Ararat, Noah's Ark

Mount Ararat, where is located


Muscle weakness


Nag Hamadi manuscripts

Natural cure for bad backs

Natural disasters

Natural cures

Natural gas

Natural healing

Natural health healing

Natural remedies

Natural Selection

Natural selection and skin color

Natural selection evolution

Nature's miracles

Nibiru 2012

Niels Bohr and Intelligent Design theory

Niels Bohr atom

Neon atom

New World Order

New World Order and Jesus

Nicola Tesla

Nitric acid

Nitrogen atom

Nitrogen cycle

Noah and the Flood

Noah’s Ark

Noah's Ark and Babylon

North Dakota Badlands

Nuclear decay

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy source

Nuclear fission

Nuclear power

Nuclear reaction and Jesus

Nuclear reactions

Nuclear waste disposal






Newton, Sir Isaac beliefs of

Newton's universal law of gravity

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls erosion

Niagara Falls facts

Niagara Falls history


Nitrogen and sulfur cycle in acid rain

Nitrogen atom

Nitrogen cycle in acid rain

Nitrogen element

Nitrogen in air

Nitrogen removal in water

Nitrogen specific heat

Nitrogen weight

Noah and the time of the Flood

Noah and the Flood

Noah's Ark found

Noah's Ark (see Flood)

Nostradamus predictions, prophecies

Nuclear decay

Nuclear decay at time of Flood and creation

Nuclear waste management


Nucleus of an atom


Obama and the New World Order

Obama socialism

Ocean springs

Ocean temperature

Oil energy

Oil lamp

Oil spill in gulf of Mexico

Organic chemistry reactions

Organic food

Organic molecules

Organic muck, soil, sludge, sediment

Organs of the human body

Origin of the universe

Osmosis in plant cells




Oxygen atom

Oxygen, atomic mass of

Oxygen element

Oxygen for water pollution control

Oxygen gas

Oxygen, percentage of in the air

Oxygen, principles of uptake in animals

Oxygen, what happens when blood levels are too low

Pancreatic enzyme deficiency

Parable of the ten virgins

Parallax of stars

Parallax error

Parallel universes


Pathogenic bacteria

Pathogenic viruses


Peace of mind


Periodic table

Periodic Table of the Elements

Persian Gulf




Pesticides and cancer

Pesticides and growing kids God's way

Pesticides, danger of



Phosphorus atom

Phosphorus removal in water




Picture of a carbon atom

Pictures of comets in space


Planck, Max

Planck's constant

Planet earth

Planets, why some have rings around them

Plant anatomy

Plant miracles and evolutionists

Plants and animals, co-evolution of

Plant structure

Poisonwood Bible, The

Polar ice caps

Pond dredging

Pond Restoration

Potential energy



Prayer requests

Pre-flood world time lines

Prevailing wind

Primordial soup

Proof of creation (see creation)

Proof of evolution

Proof of evolution, different theories of


Proton and telepathy

Proton electron neutron

Proton, what is the charge of a


Protons and electrons in Jesus

Protons and electrons in the universe

Protons electrons and neutrons

Protons, how many does helium have

Protons, how many does hydrogen have

Protons, how many in iron

Protons, number of in aluminum

Protons, number of in lithium

Protons, number of in nitrogen

Public schools

Public schools and growing kids God's way

Puget Sound energy

Punctuated equilibrium

Pure gold


Pyramids, ancient Egypt

Pyramids of Egypt


Quartz crystals

Quartz, dielectric constant

Quartz, how is formed


Quasars and Big Bang theory

Quasars vs Big Bang age of the earth


Question and answer

Radiant energy

Radioactive decay

Radioactive decay and a young earth

Radioactive isotopes

Radioactive waste disposal

Radiometer, Crookes

Radium hot springs

Radon element, gas mitigation in homes

Rain, Intelligent Design of

Rain Water and sulfuric acid


Rapture vision

Ra the sun god of Egypt

Recent Bible discoveries

Red shift

Red shift and the age of the universe

Red shift Edwin Hubble

Red shift mismatch in merging galaxies

Red shift theory

Red sunsets and sunrises


Religion in schools

Religion is the opiate of the masses

Religious freedom legal issues

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources

Reservoir restoration

Resurrection of Jesus

Return of Jesus Christ




Rights to religious freedom

River restoration

Robert Beck

Robert Laing

Rocket scientist

Rock Strata

Rotating earth

Rotation of the earth

Russia religion

Rutherford, Ernest

St. Paul the Apostle



Sacrifice, Chinese symbol for

Sagittarius zodiac


Salt crystals


Sand crystals


Satellite radio

Satellite view of earth

Satellites in orbit

Schools, public

Schrodinger, Erwin

Science & technology

Science and God

Science and the Bible

Science, God-centered

Science proves God exists

Scientific proof of creationism


Scopes trial

Scorpio symbol


Sedimentary rocks


Separation of church and state

Setterfield, Barry


Silicon on the periodic table


Size of the universe

Skin cancer

Skin color


Smokey the Bear


Snake fossils


Socialism and Jesus

Sodium atom

Sodium atomic weight

Sodium chloride crystal structure

Sodium specific heat capacity

Solar energy

Solar radiation

Solar wind

Solar winds

South Dakota Badlands

Space, clouds of dust and gas in

Space dust

Special relativity

Specific heat, table of

Speed of gravity

Speed of light

Speed of light and the beginning of the universe

Speed of light in water and air

Speed of light in a vacuum

Speed of light in space

Speed of light not constant

Speed of light relative to gravity

Speed of light slowing down

Speed of light vs. evolution

Spinal cord damage

Spiral galaxy

Springs in the ocean

Sprue disease


Squirrel nuts

Sri Lanka

Static electricity

Stars, distance of from earth

Stars hot

Stars, motions of

Stars, number of

Statues of Easter Island

Stream energy

Street gangs

Stonehenge history

Straight hell

Structure of atoms

Structure of the atom

Structure of the atom described

Sulfur, elemental

Sulfur dioxide

Sulfuric acid

Sulfur, periodic table



Sun, facts on the

Sun glasses

Sun worship


Sun orbit around Milky Way

Sun’s gravity

Sunrise and sunset

Sun spots

Sun spots

Super massive black hole

Supernova explosion

Supreme Court decision on evolution

Supreme Court, what are the duties of

Survival against evil

Survival of the fittest

Symbiosis and punctuated equilibrium

Symbiosis of chlorophyll

Symbiosis of human, plant and animal anatomy, structure and parts

Symbiotic relationships in Nature

Symbiotic relationships of human anatomy, animal and plant organs and structure

Symbiotic relationships of organic molecules and minerals


Talk to God

Taurus the Bull constellation


Teaching evolution in schools

Tea Party

Tea Party



Temperature and entropy

Temperature and gravity

Temperature and mass

Temperature and radioactive decay

Temperature at time of creation

Temperature, earth

Temperature of space

Temperature of the background radiation from space

Temperature of the sun

Temperature and atomic weight

Temperature of planets

Temperature of the sun

Temple of Heaven

Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments and growing kids God's way

Ten Commandments and schools

Ten Commandments banned

Ten Commandments, display of

Ten Commandments in public schools

Ten Commandments of love

Ten Virgins


Tesla coil

Tidal energy

The carbon atom

The days of Noah

The Flood

The Great Flood

The Great Pyramid

The nature of light

Theories of evolution

Theories on the creation of earth

Theory of evolution

Theory of evolution myths and miracles

Theory of relativity

The question of God

Thermionic emission

The power of the mind

The Rapture

The Structure of the atom

The Ten Commandments

The truth will set you free

The will of God


Thought, consciousness


Thoughts, consciousness


Tower of Babel

Trace elements


Tree growth

Tree oil

Tree water usage

Trees and oxygen



Tower of Babel


Tribulation, the


Twin telepathy

Types of energy

UFO sightings

Ultraviolet and ozone

Ultraviolet, solar cycles

Unanswered prayers


Unemployment extension

Unique properties of water

United world government


Universe and red shift

Universe, and the nature of God

Universe, age of, creationism vs. evolution

Universe, age of, Big Bang

Universe, age of, speed of light

Universe, creation of the

Universe, expanding

Universe, history of the

Universe, not expanding

Universe, the size of

Uranium mines

US Constitution

US Patent

US Supreme Court justices’ rulings

US Senators

Vacuum pump

Van de Graff generator


Virgin Mary




Viruses, treatment for

Virus, protection

Vitamin D, benefit, deficiency and overdose

Volcano gases


Voodoo science

Walk in the woods

Water pollution Treatment

Wastewater treatment

Water and energy

Water, boiling point of

Water conservation facts

Water, density of

Water, dielectric constant of

Water, drinking treatment of

Water, electrical conductivity of

Water facts

Water, how does it turn to steam

Water molecule

Water pollution

Water pollution control

Water pollution solutions

Water,  Properties of

Water pump

Watershed management

Water shortage

Water shortage in California

Water, surface tension

Water, temperature freezes and boils

Water treatment

Water treatment chemicals

Water, unique properties of

Water, viscosity of

Web of life

Weed, aquatic control

Weed harvesting


Werner von Bruan

What are the unique properties of water

What causes acid rain

What chemicals make acid rain and how does it happen

What does a carbon atom look like

What evidence supports the big bang theory

What is acid rain

What is an atom?

What is a photon?

What is light energy?

What is the natural sources of radon gas

What makes up an atom?

What makes the earth rotate

When Jesus was born

Where did radon gas come from

Where does acid rain come from

Whirlpools, aquatic

Who built the Great Pyramid of Giza

Why do atoms bond

Why does the earth rotate

Why is oil spill vanishing faster than expected

Why is the sun so hot


Wind energy

Wind patterns, global


Woman at the well



Woodstock 1969

Woodstock festival

Woodstock legacy

World oil supply and consumption

World temperature


Wyoming Badlands

Yellowstone National Park, low gravity at

Young earth


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