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99. Intelligent Design Theory Should Be Taught in School

Belief in Intelligent Design results in questioning how things came into existence rather than blandly assuming that all things came into existence by accident. A study of how things were put together in order to function is science. Intelligent Design Theory is science and Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school. Intelligent Design Theory is true science and explains the true structure of the atom, errors in Einstein's E=mc2, the Michelson-Morley experiment, Edwin Hubble's conclusion about red shift, gravity, light, the structure of the atom, Niels Bohr's atom and buckyballs.


God and science has developed some useful devices for mankind. As demonstrated by my own experiences, new discoveries that are at least worthy of further investigation can result from questioning how an Intelligent Designer put things together to make a miraculous variety of perfectly functioning living systems.


This includes the rejection or the questioning of theories on the age of the earth with obvious flaws built into measurements of nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes. My questioning how an Intelligent Designer made things work resulted in the conclusion that the Michelson-Morley experiment on the speed of light was flawed by having the receiver of the light going in the same direction and at the same velocity as the emitter of the light. It includes questioning why the speed of light in miles per second was thrown into Albert Einstein's E=mc2 equation, which he never wrote, simply because the speed of light is a high number. The truth is, in Annalen der Physik 18 (1905), Einstein, a firm believer in Intelligent Design wrote, “If a body releases the energy L in the form of radiation, its mass is decreased by L/V.” V here is clearly the velocity of the particles leaving the atom, not the velocity of light, and this makes more sense.


A study of Intelligent Design includes questioning Edwin Hubble's conclusion about red shift that stars are racing away from us when dust and gas in space are obvious reasons for red shift. It includes questioning so-called scientist's belief in the warping of space simply because the light of a star is bent as it passes through the lens-like atmosphere of the sun. Belief in an Intelligent Designer results in the realization that the structure of the atom as conceived by Niels Bohr does not have a single scientific basis for existing in that form.


There is not one single scientific testable, observable, measureable and repeatable fact connected with the ridiculously fraudulent and unscientific concept of the so-called Big Bang event whereby as result of some magic all the particles in the universe appeared in empty space the size of a pinhead to create the galaxies, stars, planets, life and consciousness. Evolutionists have spent billions of dollars constructing the CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research particle accelerator to dupe the public into believing that fragments of destroyed atomic particles prove that the Big Bang occurred. 


A study of Intelligent Design resulted in a more scientific concept of the atom that explains the structure of atoms, gravity and antigravity, light energy and many other discoveries. The shape of a carbon atom is the same octahedral shape as a diamond. The shape of the beryllium atom is the same shape as a beryllium crystal. The shape of the boron atom explains the amorphous shape of boron crystals and may explain the shape of the carbon Buckyballs or fullerenes. The shape of a sodium chloride molecule is the same hexahedral shape as a sodium chloride crystal. The colour of gold is because that is the only frequency that the electrons trapped in the gold atom can vibrate.


Belief in Intelligent Design results in using scientifically-provable results to understand the universe in which we live, as opposed to evolutionists who travelled into the world of unreasonable hypothesis by rejecting scientific principles and went off into a world of imaginative infinitely-other universes, evolution and other unscientific concepts simply because "it could happen". They do not realize that Jesus came from the other (spiritual) universe.  In addition to all this, the four different modern theories as evidence of evolution should be taught as they really are. In conclusion, secular schools in the United States have failed miserably to teach students anything of useful value, As a result a recent global education survey showed that the U.S. now ranks 36th in the world in math, reading and science*. The more falsities that students have “learned”, the more America has dumbed down from being the top most intelligent country. Another survey showed American ignorance as ranking 2nd out of fourteen countries**. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school.




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