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89. Ireland Céide Fields, Mayo County History Site's Famous Facts: the Flood of Noah

One of the most interesting and famous historical sites in Ireland is the Céide Fields on the north coast of County Mayo, giving evidence of the Flood of Noah. Here, a Stone Age community lived from about five thousand five hundred years ago (five hundred years after the time of Creation) to the time of Noah's Ark and the Flood. The community is covered by about forty feet of peat that grows at a rate of almost a foot per century. A pine tree was found buried in the peat that began growing at the time of Noah and the great flood, about 2350 BC.44 See related links;

In view of the Chinese carving of the ark of Noah, the recession of Niagara Falls and the Céide Fields in Ireland, it seems appropriate that the age of the earth, the pre-flood world time lines and the accuracy of that time given in the Biblical record be a subject of study and debate in our secular schools. In summary then, there are at least three topics that should be studied in secular schools that are now forbidden knowledge. These are the time of Creation, the Flood of Noah and the coming to earth of Jesus. Because these three events had more influence on Human life than any subject that is allowed to be taught, a study of these topics is not only appropriate, but essential. This has nothing to do with religion. These are topics of overwhelming scientific evidence of actual events. The County Mayo Céide Fields is one of the most interesting historical sites and famous sites in Ireland that shows the time of Noah and the Great Flood occurred in about 2350 BC, and that Stone Age people lived there for about five hundred years before that.


44. Harbison, Peter. GUIDE TO NATIONAL AND HISTORIC MONUMENTS OF IRELAND. DUBLIN: Gill, 1992. xiv, 386pp.; Caulfield, S., O'Donnell, R.G. & Mitchell, P.I. 1998. 14C dating of a Neolithic field system at Céide fields, County Mayo, Ireland. Radiocarbon 40(2), 629-640. (Off print).


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