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Section 11. Gravity and Antigravity

60. Intelligent Design Theory of

Gravity and Antigravity vs. Isaac Newton's Universal Law of Gravity

Scientists today using Sir Isaac Newton's universal law of the theory of gravity cannot understand gravity or antigravity, produce gravity, manipulate gravity or make antigravity. What is gravity? How does gravity work? What causes gravity? We will see that every housewife that boils water manipulates gravity and changes it into antigravity at will. It took me three years to understand it after asking God how He made gravity. I now understand gravity and can create it or change it. The answer is very simple, and is the result of how a super-intelligent Designer made the atom. Newton's value for the law of gravity only is true on the earth. All other bodies in the universe have their own values for gravity.


First, you must know that there is not one scientific fact connected with the solar system-type structure as conceived by the Ernst Rutherford and Niels Bohr model of the atom. What is an atom? What makes up an atom? If we refer back to the picture in Section 9 on the hydrogen atom, the basic building block of all the elements, we see that one electron is outside, trying to get into the center of two protons where the other electron is now resting. The outer electron cannot get into the center because it is repelled by the electron already there. Because the two electrons cannot join in the center of the two protons, it leaves a miniscule excess positive charge of 10-40 coulombs that attracts the outer electrons of all the other atoms in the universe. This charge is so infinitesimal that it can never be neutralized by the charge of a whole electron. It can never be satisfied. This explains gravity. All atoms have a tiny electric attraction for one another that can never be neutralized. It would take the electrons of 1040 other identical atoms to equal the infinitesimal differences in charges of the protons in a single atom. So they are attracted, but can never be satisfied. And guess what? There only about 1080 atoms in the universe. So one of the hydrogen (H2) atoms in the water in your coffee cup or in the water in your bloodstream has an attraction for all of the other atoms in the universe!


Pay attention now. I am about to explain gravity and antigravity. The force of gravity is dependent on three factors: temperature, pressure and the complexity of the atom (gravity is its atomic weight as described in Section 9 and the Intelligent Design Theory of the Periodic Table of the Elements). At low temperatures and/or high pressures, the outer electrons of every element are relatively at rest, closer to the electrons tightly-bound between two protons. Because the outer electron cannot get into the middle of the proton-electron-proton pair, the two protons then have an infinitesimally greater attraction for the electrons of all other atoms in the universe.


The outer electrons vibrate farther from the proton-electron-proton pairs with increasing temperature or as a result of external electromagnetic waves, such as light, heat, magnetic fields, microwaves, television, radio communications or domestic electricity supply. They vibrate farther at low pressures than at high pressures. At low temperatures or high pressures, the outer electrons are close to the atoms, and atoms are strongly attracted to one another, becoming a solid. As the temperature increases, the outer electrons vibrate farther from the atom; the gravitational attraction becomes less and the material becomes liquid. At higher temperatures, the outer electrons vibrate farther from the atom and the outer electrons of atoms repel one another. First they usually become liquid so that they slip around relative to one another. Then at greater vibration distances they become the gaseous or negative gravity phase of atoms (antigravity) that could not occur without intelligent planning

When a housewife boils water, she changes the gravity of water to antigravity. When the water becomes hot, the electrons on the outside of the H2 components (both the outer H2 and the eight H2s that comprise the oxygen atom) of the water molecules repel each other and burst away from the pan of water. The molecules of the steam have a negative gravity or antigravity not only for the other water molecules, but for the earth itself as the steam rises in the air until it cools.


The same water molecules at the same temperature on the hot side of the moon would have even less attraction for the moon, and would rise farther away from it. Hence, there is no water on the moon. Any water that may have been originally on the moon went into space long ago, and was probably attracted to larger bodies.


In the gaseous stage, atoms have negative gravity or antigravity toward one another. They repel each other. So air piles up in the atmosphere with nitrogen and oxygen and a few other gases repelling one another. The earth, with its massive gravity by comparison, attracts these gas atoms with a force of about 14.7 pounds per square inch (one atmosphere) at the earth's surface. Antigravity is any two bodies repelling each other.


A hot air balloonist changes the gravity of air as he or she heats the air. The air molecules inside the balloon repel one other because the outer electrons are vibrating away from the atoms due to the heat, causing some of the air mass to exit the balloon. This leaves a mass of hot air inside the balloon that has more negative gravity or antigravity both for the air surrounding the balloon and for the earth itself. The balloon rises -- away from the earth.


Godless science has resulted in all kinds of ridiculous explanations of gravity, including gravitons.  A study of Intelligent Design Theory results in an intelligent explanation of both gravity and antigravity, based on provable scientific facts. Godless science is a faith-based religion. A science-based program of study is Intelligent Design Theory. Scientists that suspect that Isaac Newton's universal law or theory of gravity is not universal and is not constant are absolutely correct. Gravity changes with temperature, pressure and mass, and can even change to antigravity. Gravity between any two celestial bodies is different than gravity between all other celestial bodies because every celestial body has a different number of atoms. Sir Isaac Newton's universal law of gravity only holds true on the earth at standard pressure and temperature.


Magnetic fields are created only by atoms that have electrons orbiting around them. Most atoms are not magnetic. The outer electrons in magnetic atoms such as iron orbit freely around the atoms. If you look at the first three atoms that God taught me, helium is diamagnetic because its outer electrons refuse to orbit the helium atom in concert with the orbiting electrons in the magnet. Diamagnetic means that helium moves away from magnetic fields. The hydrogen atom is weakly paramagnetic, meaning that the outer electron does not orbit the atom, but will orbit a little bit with effort when immersed in a magnetic field.

Looking at the lithium atom, all three of the outer electrons are in exactly the same plane. This makes lithium weakly paramagnetic, because those three electrons can cause the entire atom to spin with effort.
This gets very complicated in a hurry, because whether an atom is magnetic or paramagnetic depends also on where and what kind of atoms are located next to the atom in question. Adjacent atoms could prevent the atom in question from rotating; or could help it rotate faster if the adjacent atoms are also rotating.
The Bohr-Rutherford atomic models have all the outer electrons orbiting the atoms, so they have every atom in the universe strongly magnetic, which is not true.
Gravity is totally different from magnetic fields. Gravity is the difference in charge between the two protons in H2 and the outer electron, because the outer electron cannot get between the two protons to produce zero charge. The amount of gravity also is determined by temperature and pressure, because higher temperature causes the outer electron to vibrate farther away from the two protons, and increased pressure pushes the outer electron closer to the two protons.

Isaac Newton's "universal gravity constant" 9.81 m/s2 or 32.2 ft/s2 is only true at the surface of the earth, but varies as we move away from the earth, or into the earth, Gravity changes with temperature and pressure to produce gravity or antigravity, and changes from one planet to another, or from one star to another.  But gravity is much more than a simple force that holds you on the spinning earth so you don't fall off. There is gravity between all atoms that pull the atoms in snowflakes to the earth, and that pulls atoms together so that water is a liquid instead of a gas, and so that the atoms in DNA can touch and combine through chemical reactions to make DNA molecules the most complex molecule in the universe. We have an awesome Creator, intelligent beyond comprehension who loves you more than all humans on earth possibly could, if you will only believe it! In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth! And He sent Jesus to be a sacrifice for our sins, if you will only accept the sacrifice for which Jesus gave His blood.

Copyright (C) 2008 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved

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