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58. Jesus Christ and the History of the Atom

Did you know that the history of the atom is that some of those atoms that were once in Jesus Christ are now in you? The protons and electrons that God made out of Him when Jesus was born to make the physical body of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ are the same protons and electrons that are in your body. In fact, the same atoms are used repeatedly in the multitude of life cycles that occur. As one infinitesimal and over-simplified example, the atmosphere has about 80 percent nitrogen, 20 percent oxygen, and a small amount of other gases. Lightning ionizes nitrogen gas, which is then oxidized to become nitrous oxide. Then it combines with moisture in the air to become nitric acid.  When it rains, the nitric acid falls on the earth.  It not only becomes food for plants; it dissolves some minerals out of the soil and rocks to supply vitally needed minerals for plants and animals. When the plants grow, they become food for animals, burn, or die and decay. When the plants and animals die, the nitrogen atoms become food for microorganisms. Through several more processes, bacteria eventually convert the nitrogen compounds back into nitrogen gas, and it goes back into the atmosphere. All other life-giving elements go through other cycles. Physicists estimate that about a trillion of the same atoms that were in Jesus when He lived are now in you.


When Jesus was crucified on the cross, a centurion thrust a spear into His side and up into His heart. At that instant, a bizarre nuclear reaction took place. Out of Jesus' heart flowed a mixture of blood and water (John 19: 34). Then, the thick curtain of the Jewish Temple tore from top to bottom. The earth shook, rocks split, tombs were opened, and the bodies of many saints were raised from their sleep. Then after the resurrection of Jesus, these risen humans that were dead went into Jerusalem and many people saw them (Mt. 27: 50 - 54). When the centurion and the other men saw all these things, they were filled with awe and said, "This man truly was the Son of God!"


So much happened then, that it cannot be taken lightly. The blood that came out of Jesus' heart, those very atoms that made up those molecules, made a nuclear reaction much greater than what was witnessed at Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It affects everyone on this earth that ever lived, or lives today. If you will only believe it, that blood was a symbol that gives life . . . eternal life, forgiveness of sins, and imputes righteousness on all who believe it (Mt 26: 27, 28).


Those very molecules of water that flowed out of Jesus' heart enabled the Holy Spirit of God to enter you and all others that believe it. It gives you peace (Jn. 14: 27), it teaches you all things (Jn. 14: 25); because of the Holy Spirit in you, you can do greater things than even Jesus did (Jn. 14: 12 - 21). That water that flowed out of Jesus set off an atomic reaction that enables the Spirit of God to teach you the truth, and make your soul righteous in the eyes of God.


When Jesus Christ took the bread and broke it, He said, "Take this and eat it; this is my body that was broken for you (Mt. 26: 26), He really meant what He said.  In effect, He was saying, "Take the atoms that were in my body, and know that they are identical to the atoms that are in bread and are in your body.  God made them out of Himself, and they are in you just like they were in me." The history of the atom is such that life is perpetuated by all living things becoming food for all future living things in symbiotic relationships in nature. You have some of the same historical atoms in you that were once in Jesus Christ.


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