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114. Karl Marx to Woodstock Festival 1969 Legacy: Barack Obama vs. Holy Bible Study and Ten Commandments

The previous chapters told why Christianity, the Ten Commandments and Holy Bible study should be taught in secular schools. We are far from that goal, and growing much farther from it as time goes by and more students are taught to hate God and those who believe in Him. We are now in a life and death struggle between the theory of Intelligent Design and the theory of atheistic evolution. Darwin led Karl Marx to anti-God socialism. The theories of Karl Marx and his views on government led Hitler and Stalin and now Americans to the unconstitutional Supreme Court decisions that taught our students evolution and atheism that led to the Woodstock 1969 Festival legacy of Barack Obama Socialism and the mark of the beast, the tribulation and the destruction of America . Woodstock participants and their communist friends are now the politicians in power. Jesus, the Tea Party and Holy Bible studies and the Ten Commandments in public schools can lead us back to liberty

The Destruction of America

Despots such as George Soros know that they cannot enslave the people unless the people eagerly support and promote the oppressors. And so George Soros donates billions to incite the people to riot in favor of the usurpers, the same as what happened in Russia and China. The despots promise to heap welfare programs upon the people until the people are totally dependent on the tyrannical rulers for food, clothing, housing, medical care and all other material benefits. Once under total control, the people become enthusiastic slaves, cherishing their slavery in favor of their benefits, which are now limited to bare minimums because the people have no interest in working for the benefit of others. The people then even help the despots to imprison and torture or exterminate any who object to slavery in favor of liberty. Socialism was actually tried by the Pilgrims in the seventeenth century with community farms. It was a total failure, not raising enough to feed the people, and the leaders then gave each person their own property and the right to keep whatever they grew.54 Food was abundant from that time on.

The Mark of the Beast

Tiny Global Positioning electronic chips are already made and tested in animals that can be implanted in our foreheads or wrists. They can tell the government exactly where you are at all times and your entire life history. For your "benefit", these chips will enable you to buy and sell. If this happens, you will have to make a decision whether to take the chip and serve your satanic master and go to hell when you die or serve Jesus and go to heaven. They can destroy your body, but they cannot destroy your soul. Only you can do that. If this happens, you will feel like you are in the middle of the sea in a tiny boat during an enormous storm, and will soon sink. That is how the Disciples felt when they went to Jesus and begged Him to help. Jesus responded by calming the wind and the sea. Maybe if we go to Jesus now, He will calm the storm. If you are starving, you will have to go to Jesus who took five loaves of bread and five fishes and fed five thousand people with twelve baskets left over.


The US Supreme Court is prohibiting religion on the pretext that our government subsidizes secular schools. Just because the government subsidizes schools is no excuse to violate the US Constitution or make any laws establishing or preventing free exercise of religion in schools; period. It appears me that the Justices have clearly violated the Constitution of the United States, and if so, people should demand immediate repeal of all their violations thereof. Justices who support or pass laws respecting religion, including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. in violation of the Constitution should be immediately impeached. Unfortunately, Christians either do not understand the Constitution, or have lost their backbones and relinquished their rights under the Constitution. But even when you go through terrible tribulation, do not judge or God will judge you. Forgive everyone for everything or God will not forgive you for your transgressions. Believe in Jesus who shed his blood to pay for your sins, so that your sins can be forgiven and you can have eternal life.

The Tribulation

Throughout history, Christians have been beaten, tortured, fed to wild animals, torn apart on racks, crushed, skinned alive and burned alive. Our inheritance from Karl Marx who said that religion is the opiate of the masses to the Woodstock 1969 legacy of Barack Obama socialism is what we have today. Millions of Christians in atheistic, communist or Muslim countries are undergoing the most hideous tortures imaginable. It will take a long time to reverse this trend, but today, as a result of missionaries risking their lives in China, as only one example, China is just beginning to open their doors again to religion and Christianity. Russia already has. As a result, other anti-Christian countries may someday begin to follow. Christians must love and pray for evil governments, including the United States government. It is not the rulers' fault that they are evil, but Satan who controls them.

Jesus, Secular Schools and the Tea Party

Even after a generation of teaching only evolution in secular schools, only nine percent of the American people believe in evolution. Yet evolutionists are close to one hundred percent in control of our secular school system. As Karl Marx promised, give them one generation of school children, and they will take over a country. Even so, the percent of believers in evolution has not increased in the past twenty years. Imagine what would happen to the belief in creation vs. evolution if both evolution and Intelligent Design Theory were discussed in schools without bias.


In Genesis 1:3-4 God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. John 1:3 says that Jesus was the light of the world, and the light shined on the darkness. Light always overcomes darkness, and darkness cannot extinguish light. Isaiah 60:1-2 says, "Arise, shine; for your light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon you, for behold, darkness will cover the earth, and gross darkness the people; but the LORD will arise upon you." Thus the world will respond to your shining, as it is now with Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Jason Lewis, the Tea Party and a host of others much too numerous to count.


It is not too late to undo the legacy of Darwin, Karl Marx, Woodstock and Barack Obama socialism. In the United States, it is still not against the law to ensure that every person living in America has an opportunity to own a Bible and know the history and teachings of Jesus and to start growing kids God's way. It is not too late to teach your children, relatives, and friends and neighbors that there is not one proven fact confirming evolution, and that there are a multitude of facts that confirm Intelligent Design. We are still allowed to pass out Bibles, as long as we do not pass them out in secular schools or government organizations. The word of the Bible is a powerful two edged sword that communists cannot defend against. We are still allowed to teach the value of the Ten Commandments as long as we don't do it in governmental places. Let's do it. If every American is aware of the reality of creation, the flood of Noah and the coming to earth of Jesus to forgive our sins and give us eternal life, we may eventually see God-hating judges and politicians replaced by those who know the truth. Some already have been replaced; we only need more knowledgeable voters, not less knowledgeable voters as the present trend is taking us. And the truth shall make us free and keep us free, as Jesus said. Holy Bible studies and the Ten Commandments can protect us from socialism and chains that we can believe in. Pass out Bibles and the Ten Commandments to help lead us back to a prosperous, free enterprise and freedom-loving America. Encourage your church to set up Christian schools in your community. Join or support the Tea Party. Expose the lies of the anti-capitalist socialist leaders. The theories of Karl Marx led us to the Woodstock 1969 Festival legacy of Barack Hussein Obama Socialism, the coming mark of the beast, the tribulation and the destruction of America. Only Jesus, the Tea Party and Holy Bible distribution and studies and the Ten Commandments in public schools can lead us back. The book THE HARBINGER by Jonathan Cahn tells how the Bible has predicted our present demise.


54. Nathaniel Philbrick, 2011. MAYFLOWER. Penguin Books, U.S.

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