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2. Intelligent Design of

Life, Health, Organic Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Animals and the Evolution-Based Corn Food Network

The organic food industry was spawned by atheistic hippies living in communes in the 1960s and 1970s; yet there is now a preponderance of believers in Intelligent Design now both producing and eating organically grown healthy foods. The Intelligent Design of life, health, organic farm fruit, vegetables and animals differs greatly from the evolution science-based corn food network.


God made plants to produce flavonoids so they taste the best to those animals that benefit most from eating that plant.  Plants taste bad or are even poisonous to species that they do not benefit. Eucalyptus tastes good to koala bears, but not humans. Evolution of plants could not take place for billions of years before animals came along and spread their seeds or pollinated them. Adam and Eve’s children Cain and Abel (and most likely Adam and Eve also) cooked their food to kill deadly microorganisms, decompose toxins and render food more digestible. It did not take billions of years in the process of evolving to eat cooked foods, or there would be no humans on earth today. The first humans knew what foods to cook and the first animals knew what plants or animals to eat or not eat. This all proves Intelligent Design and solidly refutes the concept of evolution. If evolution, survival of the fittest and natural selection were true, why would those plants not evolve over millions of years to produce bad taste to those who would devour them? The answer is because they would become extinct during the millions of years process, They had to taste good or bad to the right species the first day they were created.


God made plants to produce the best possible formulation of vitamins, minerals, lycopene, ascorbic acid, resveratrol, polyphenols and many other complex molecules for the health of the creatures that feed on them. If evolution, natural selection and survival of the fittest were true, why would plants not evolve that contain poisons instead of best flavors, aroma, vitamins, minerals, and other complex compounds that serve no purpose whatsoever in keeping the plants themselves alive and healthy? The answer is that it would take too many millions of years to accomplish these tasks. They all had to happen on the first day they were created.


Plants themselves have no need for flavor, aroma, and other carbohydrates that serve no purpose or benefit whatsoever in keeping the plants alive. Plants do not eat their own vitamins or taste their own flavors or smell their own aromas. Contrary to the theory of evolution, plants' sole purpose is to benefit the animals that devour them. By Intelligent Design, plants produce polyphenols to protect themselves against insect pests, but yet are beneficial to the health of animals that feed on the plants. But God designed plants to not be able to produce the same polyphenols that healthy plants produce when they are sickly.  Insects only feed on sickly plants while animals only feed on healthy plants. Again, according to evolution, it would take millions of years for these benefits to evolve, and therefore all plants would be extinct today. These benefits had to be in each plant species the first day they were created. This is Intelligent Design in action. In order to sell unhealthy plants to humans, farmers saturate the plants with carcinogenic and other toxic insecticides.


The benefit of plants to animals and animals to plants can only be the result of Intelligent Design. Now those who do not believe in Intelligent Design have destroyed our entire food network. Because corn is the cheapest to grow instead of grasses that are the natural food for cows and other foods that are best for other animals, genetically altered corn is constantly being “improved” to make corn even cheaper to grow. Carcinogenic weed killers and pesticides are sprayed on the corn, which ends up in our food. Because corn is so cheap to grow, this corn is fed to almost every animal that we eat. If this trend continues, all plants and animals will soon be extinct because the results of the belief in evolution kills all plants and animals. We must get back to the way God created plants and animals, or all life will soon cease to exist.


Almost any commercially grown beef, pork, chicken, turkey or fish that you eat is really nothing but genetically altered corn because that is all most of these commercial animals were fed during their entire lifetimes. This includes the products of these animals, such as homogenized, pasteurized and hormone produced milk, cheese, butter, cream, ice cream and eggs. It makes no difference to evolutionists that cattle and most fish do not have the stomachs to digest corn. They believe that cattle and fish can be genetically modified to digest it. Toxic and carcinogenic petroleum distillates are added to the corn to make the cattle and fish think they like corn. The corn makes the cattle and fish sick, so they are fed massive doses of antibiotics, growth stimulants (which produce homosexuality in humans), virus inhibitors, insecticides, fungicides, bactericides and other pesticides that end up on our dinner plates. To counteract the filth of the feed pens rather than free range animals, the products must be irradiated to kill the disease bacteria. Mad cow disease is the direct result of feeding otherwise wasted rendered cow parts back to cows, instead of feeding cows grasses. In Intelligent Design, no animal other than spiders to my knowledge eat their own mates, or their own species. This contamination of our foods is the theory of evolution in action. This is the direct result of non-belief in God, and belief that there is no such thing as Intelligent Design that created everything for a symbiotic purpose.


J. I. Rodale’s Organic Gardening that began publishing more than half a century ago and other such publications contain much valuable information. I really enjoy books by good authors who believe in evolution such as Barbara Kingsolver that go into great detail about the extremely complex and harmonious symbiosis in nature that these authors do not realize. If it were not for this symbiosis during the first six days of creation, there would be no life on earth. I would have expected the most informative and comprehensive book that I ever read explaining God’s perfect Intelligent Design of symbiosis of the food network and the importance of organic gardening and how man has messed with this Intelligent Design to create cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, behavioral and learning problems in children and adults, depression and most every other disease to have been written by a creation scientist. Instead, I was surprised to find it written by the brilliant author, Michael Pollan, who believes the modern Charles Darwin's theory of evolution evidence and proof and natural selection as the cause of evolution, and who swallows the global warming and climate change hoax hook, line and sinker. Without realizing it, this astute evolutionist explains that the healthiest and most economical way to farm is by following God’s Intelligent Design of symbiosis in all plants and animals.


I highly recommend the evolution-believing Michael Pollan’s THE OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA, published in 2006 by Penguin Books. I wish I could praise this book enough to cause everyone in the entire world to read it, including our politicians, farmers and everyone who eats corn-produced food, GMO and fast food. It will certainly change the way anyone who reads the book eats, and would revolutionize the food industry for the benefit of all mankind.


Of course, equally good books have been written about the godless technology of the pharmaceutical industry in partnership with the FDA and the medical profession also causing and perpetuating most every disease.


THE OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA is a great start in educating the world on just how bad the theory of evolution has destroyed almost all the food we eat. The damage done by pharmaceuticals, both ingested and in drinking water along with 60,000 other carcinogens in our drinking water is best explained by the advertisements on television. “Take (this panacea drug) for whatever health problems you may have including impotency (as a result of all the hormones in our food). If you notice any coughing up of blood, vomiting, cancer, stroke, loss of taste, smell, hearing, vision, or numbness, insanity, nightmares, inability to sleep, drowsiness, dizziness, thoughts of suicide or murder . . . or if you die, contact your doctor.”


These advertisements explain how the atheistic theory of evolution has benefited mankind. It is unfortunate that television ads for various foods do not contain the same language. We might then have a better understanding of the Intelligent Design of natural foods and the organic food web.


As both Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver point out, in nature (what I call Intelligent Design) there is no such thing as a waste problem. One creature’s waste is another creature’s lunch. The Intelligent Design of life, health, organic farm fruit, vegetables and animals is vastly different and much healthier than today's evolution theory-based corn food network.


Copyright (C) 2010 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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