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64. Ten Amazing Discoveries about Light, Gravity, the True Structure of the Atom and Global Warming Not Taught in Our Educational Institutions

When Students graduate, they have been denied the right to study Intelligent Design Theory as is provided for and allowed in the US Constitution. The ten amazing new discoveries about light, gravity, global warming and two periods of rapid radioactive decay are forbidden to be taught in our educational institutions and are not on any other web sites. These ten new discoveries about light and gravity are forbidden to be taught in our educational institutions. Most of these discoveries show that the age of the Earth is only six thousand years. And these new discoveries are not taught anywhere in the entire world, except in this book and this website.  Even when someone is made aware of these new discoveries, even if he or she understands the new discoveries, because of all the unproven theories of evolution taught in our schools, it is difficult for he or she to accept the jump from billions of years to only 6000 years.

1. The Speed of Light Is Not Constant

The first discovery was made by Dr. Barry Setterfield that measurements going back to the 1600's show with remarkable accuracy that the transfer of light at 4000 BC was probably instantaneous. The scientific community immediately set out to prove Setterfield wrong and quickly discovered that his data was accurate to a very high degree of statistical reliability. To my knowledge, these admissions were later removed from the Internet. It is a proven fact that the speed of light is not constant.

2. Red Shift is not caused by Stars racing Away From the Earth, But by Dust and Gas in Space

I then made several discoveries. One was that comets ionize gas IN FRONT of them as they race through space. This is verified by the 2.7 degree Kelvin temperature of space. According to Intelligent design theory, there was no dust or gas in space when the universe was created. Science also claims that before the so-called fictitious Big Bang, space was empty.

3. The Tails of Comets are Not Particles from the Comets, But Trails of Ionized Gas

The ionized gas in front of comets proves that the tails of comets are not trails of particles from comets, but are trails of ionized space gas as a result of the friction caused by comets in space ionizing the gas as it passes through the gas in space. That red shift is caused by dust and gas in space is confirmed because the amount of red shift doubles with double the distance of the star from the earth.

4. There is no Such Thing as a Photon

I discovered that the Crookes radiometer rotates in the opposite direction of what it should if there was such a thing as a photon. This was not only previously known, but unexplainable. In studying photons that cannot be measured, detected, explained or accounted for by the number of photons leaving a hot emitter of light in all directions and would have to fill space infinitely over enormous distances from the light source. It becomes obvious that there is no such thing as a nonsensical photon.

5. The Discovery of the True Structure of Atoms Explains the Speed of Light

The discovery of the true structure of atoms is confirmed by the beryllium and carbon atoms being identical to the beryllium and carbon crystals. The only conclusion that one can make from the non-existence of photons, is that light energy is electromagnetic radiation. I then discovered that electromagnetic radiation of light does not "travel" through space. My discovery was that when the outer electrons vibrate on an atom, molecule or other material, they cause electrons in atoms or other matter near them to instantly vibrate, regardless of the distance separating the electromagnetic source from the electrons in the adjacent matter.


6. Red Shift is Not Caused by the Light Source Moving Away From Us, But by the Inertia Required to Be Overcome to Cause the
Electrons on the Nearest Matter to Vibrate, Regardless of Distance


Electrons have mass, and thus have inertia. So depending on the number of gas atoms, molecules or other matter that the electromagnetic energy is passing through, time passes as the vibrations pass through the medium. The more particles the vibrations pass through, the longer it takes for the light to "travel". In the beginning, since there was no gas or dust in between the stars and the earth, the transfer of electrons vibrating on the source and the vibrations of electrons on the earth was instantaneous. This explains why Setterfield discovered that the "speed of light" was nearly infinite when there was no dust or gas in space. The ever-increasing dust and gas is space is confirmed by scientists observing exploding stars and the resultant release of dust and gas into space over time. Scientists acknowledge that there was no dust or gas in space at the time of creation. Therefore at the time of creation, the light from stars was seen on earth 6000 years ago, as was proven by Dr. Barry Setterfield.


7. The Discovery of the True Structure of the Atom Explains the Speed of Gravity


The speed of light is determined by the inertia of electrons that the source of light encounters on distant matter. Gravity is caused by the infinitesimal difference between proton electron- proton links in every atom and the outer electron trying to get between the two protons that are repelled by the captured electron. This difference in charges causes an attraction for all other atoms in the universe. The speed of gravity travels the same as the speed of light in which the inertia of the outer electrons by distant matter causes a delay in the speed of gravity.


8. Isaac Newton's Universal Law of Gravity is Not Universal


Gravity is not constant, as is taught in schools. The magnitude of gravity changes everywhere in the universe according to the mass, temperature and pressure of every star and planet in the universe, and is not constant by any stretch of the imagination.

 9. Creation Scientists Discover Two Occurrences of Rapid Radioactive Decay


In 2006 The Institute for Creation Research published a book on their many discoveries that radioisotopes rapidly decayed during the time of the great flood of Noah and at the time of creation of the earth. This publication confirms that the age of the earth is 6,000 years dating back to 4,000 BC.


10. Global Warming is Caused by Jupiter, the Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy


Contrary to the lies we are being inundated with by the news media and our government, global warming is not caused by carbon dioxide, but by earth's magnet field being heated and cooled by magnetic fields in Jupiter, our solar system and our Milky Way Galaxy. Some of the lies that these so-called scientists are telling us are that carbon dioxide causes global warming and climate change including global cooling, that the cold atmosphere we are now experiencing is caused by a warmer ocean, which is impossible, and that volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes are caused by the atmosphere. We are supposed to believe that the global warming of Jupiter and Mars which occurs as the same time in the same cycles are caused by our automobile exhaust. The result is fraudulent taxation, prevention of drilling for oil and gas in the United States and allowing our enemies to prosper while America goes bankrupt.  As Jupiter continues to move away from the sun and earth over the next twenty years, global cooling could be much more disastrous than global warming as world-wide famine could result from late spring to summer frosts and cooler, shorter growing seasons. It will then take another thirty years for the earth to warm again.


I know that this information is comprised of ten scientific discoveries that are not taught in school or on most other web sites, and therefore is difficult to accept. The difference is that these amazing discoveries squeeze common sense out of the nonsense taught about light, gravity and global warming that is not being taught in our educational institutions.


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