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110. Intelligent Design Theory for

Love, Peace, Joy and Comfort through Thoughts and Mind Power

A belief in Intelligent Design gives power of the mind and inspirational thoughts that produce a love of life, comfort, peace of mind and joy of life. To understand Intelligent Design, one must empty one's self of all of one's own thoughts, for incompetent human thought competes with Intelligent Design and is in conflict with it. A mind and body full of one's own thought is like a bottle full of liquid. Additional knowledge and wisdom cannot be poured into it.


A body full of one's own thoughts is a body full of confusion, believing that everything is accidental.

A body full of realization of Intelligent Design is a body full of subconscious understanding, knowing that there is harmony in everything.


A mind full of one's own thought is a body full of hatred, discriminating between good and evil.

A mind full of inspirational thoughts of Intelligent Design is a body full of love, loving everything and everyone that has been created.


A mind full of one's own thought is a body full of restlessness and indecision, believing that everything is an accident.

A subconscious mind power full of love of God is a body at peace with the world, knowing that everything is pre-planned.


A body full of one's own thought is a body full of fear and sorrow, fearing that the body is not the fittest and sorrowful because death is final and all is futility.

A body full of inspirational thoughts of love of Jesus is a body full of joy, knowing that there is a purpose for life and for life everlasting.


Before I became a Christian, I saw that the entire earth was full of violence and turmoil and sin. I realized that if the entire world would only follow the basic list of the Ten Commandments, there would be harmony on earth, and humans could live together in peace and happiness. I knew that I could not change the world, especially if I myself did not follow the basic list of the Ten Commandments. Before I could tell one other person to live a sinless life, I would first have to live a sinless life myself. So I tried to follow the Ten Commandments. I soon learned that it was absolutely impossible.


I knew about the life of Jesus, and that Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life. If I could just be like Him, maybe then I would at least be pleasing to God, if not pleasing to other persons. And I soon learned that it was impossible to be sinless like Jesus. Then I discovered that God put His Son Jesus to death as punishment for my sins. If I let Jesus' death pay for my sins, in place of me, just like the Passover when an innocent lamb was killed so that the first-born sons would not be put to death, then God would pass over my sins and I might not only be pleasing to God, but might also have life, as I learned from John 3:16, John 14:6 and Revelation 3:20.


The Intelligent Designer gave us a conscience for simple guidelines and the Holy Bible for a happy, abundant life: Believe in His son; refrain from sin; help the needy; and rest one day a week thinking about all the wonderful things He has done and praising and thanking Him for it. Get your kids out of secular schools and start growing your kids God's way. It is true that a belief in Intelligent Design gives you power of the mind to have inspirational thoughts that produce a love of life, comfort, peace of mind and joy of life.


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