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111. Intelligent Design Theory of

Mental Telepathy: the Electron and Proton, Ants, Bees, Humans, Dogs and Cats

Our infinitely Intelligent Designer created two particles, the proton and electron. These two particles are millions of times more complex than the greatest computer ever made. What is an atom? An atom is very simple in structure as compared to the Rutherford-Niels Bohr model of the atom yet unimaginably complex. All matter and all life in the universe is made of two particles, the proton and electron. Intelligent Design theory shows that the creation of the electron and proton is not only infinitely complex, but results in mental telepathy in ants, bees, humans, dogs, cats, penguins, fish and animals.


What about neutrons, quarks, photons, and many others? Neutrons are explained in http://www.intelligentdesigntheory.info/what-is-an-atom.html. Neutrons are made of one proton and one electron. There several proofs that photons do not exist. Photons are explained in

Quarks are unproven speculation, are unscientific, and do not exist until proven by the scientific method of observation, measurable and repeatable experiment. The same goes for all the many other imaginary particles that scientists claim, simply because they smashed protons and electrons in accelerators, and scientists gave names to disintegrated fragments.


When an electron vibrates, it sends out electromagnetic waves throughout the universe. The transmission of heat, light and radio waves is the result of vibrations of electrons on one atom causing other electrons throughout the universe to vibrate at the same frequency.


 Telepathy is the transfer of radio waves from one brain to another. This differs from intuition, which is more a thought process of an individual, giving what Christians may call the gift of knowledge.When a brain has a thought, electrons in the brain vibrate. When these electrons vibrate, they cause electrons in other brains to vibrate at the same frequencies. The brains of twins are quite similar, so if one twin is in danger, the other twin a thousand miles away knows. Two twins a thousand miles away pick out the same color dress or the same tie, suit or shoes. Twins sometimes say the same things at the same time. Some people called psychics have better ability to sense the brain waves of others than most people.

My wife and I have twin daughters; one knows when the other is in trouble, even though they lived twelve hundred miles apart. They and many other twins shown on television have picked out the same clothing a thousand miles apart. Our twins twelve hundred miles apart sent me the same identical birthday cards and when they lived at home, they both said the same thing at the same time. Coincidence? Once or twice may be coincidental, But how many coincidences does it take to constitute a pattern?

God made humans all look different, but most species of animals look exactly alike. Even so, a baby animal like a penguin, elephant or whale, though surrounded by hundreds of other animals that look exactly alike, knows its mother, and its mother knows it. A male and female penguin or goose or other animal select each other and identify each other for life, even though all the other animals look exactly the same. Because of electromagnetic waves, a dog or a cat knows when a person is dying. A dog dropped off a thousand miles from its owners can find its way home. Catch a squirrel in your yard, paint its tail and take it twenty miles from your house. You will soon find it in your backyard again with its parents, brothers and sisters.

The tiny brains of ants, bees and fish sense the brain waves of the other ants, bees or fish in the community. Disturb a bees' nest, and all the bees attack at the same time. Every bee and ant knows its place in its community. Disturb the back end of a school of fish and the entire school of fish dart away together. Without mental telepathy, life would be much more risky and complex to the extent that all life would soon be extinct. Thank our Intelligent Designer for creating two unimaginably complex particles, the proton and electron. As a result, cats, dogs, humans, penguins, dolphins and most all animals have mental telepathy.

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