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4. Micronutrient Trace Elements

Injections for Trees and Plants

Through my belief in an Intelligent Designer, I had knowledge of micronutrient trace elements many years before agricultural scientists. In 1956 I developed a micronutrient trace element injection for trees, and it was twenty years later that I became acquainted with a scientist at University of South Florida that knew as much about micronutrients as I knew. As a child, my father brought home copies of Scientific American At seven years old, I read Scientific American from cover to cover. It was a good science magazine at that time. It always had an article on evolution that I ignored as total nonsense, but the rest of the magazine was about atoms and how cells were made, how plants and animals were made and astronomy. I would always finish the magazine with a sense of awe that there must be an infinite intelligence that created everything, or nothing could possibly exist and function.


My grades in college were only average, my only excuse being that God blessed Robert L. Laing with an overly-inquisitive mind. Almost every classroom session sent me off in new directions doing research on subjects not being taught. As an example, in 1956 when I was supposed to be studying electronic engineering, I studied and came up with a micronutrients and trace elements injection for trees which I called Vita-Spike and its compliment, Soil Care for plants. A definition of micronutrient trace elements is several minerals found in soil that all trees, plants, and animals require in minute quantities for life. They usually make up catalysts that cause reactions to take place in plants and animals, but do not become part of the reactions and are used over and over again. This caused me to study patent law and file for my own patents for micronutrient trace element injections for trees, which I received. Plant and tree growth increased. Yellow leaves became green. Fruit and nuts became large and fruit became firm, juicy, delicious and nutritious. The result of questioning Intelligent Design of how God made trees grow enabled me to temporarily retire in 1962 at age 29 from royalties I received, until I came up with other scientific developments using Intelligent Design Theory that put me back to work.



My neighbor and I planted blue spruce saplings in about 1978. He planted 28 saplings and I planted 4 saplings. I put micronutrient trace elements in the soil under my trees, and he did not. All but four of his trees died and all of my four trees lived. Two of his trees are shown on the left with one hidden behind the tree in front. One of my four trees is shown on the right. It is about four times larger than his. My other blue spruce trees are even larger, but I could not get them in this picture. The spruce in front of and to the far right of my blue spruce tree is on another neighbor's lot, and is not mine.




In 1964 my friend Ted Ingemansen and his neighbor each planted two trees. After four or five years, Ted drove micronutrient trace element injections called Vita-Spike into each of his maple trees, and his neighbor did not. Ted's trees are now about ten times larger than his neighbors. Ted's tree shown on the left has branches that go all the way across the street that is shown behind the red sign. Note that one of the trees on Ted's neighbor's lot would not make a branch on Ted's trees.




Sunflowers normally grow about five feet tall, eight inches less than the gentleman shown. Using Intelligent Design Theory, a formulation of micronutrient trace elements called Vita-Spike Soil Care was added to the soil when the seeds of these sunflowers were planted. Note that the flowers had not bloomed yet, so the plants were still growing.


A person saying what a genius I am constantly embarrasses me. I know it is not true. I only asked God how He made trees grow. It is impossible to know the millions of things that God worked out in the chemistry of trees to cause iron and zinc to be catalysts that cause magnesium to become the center atom of the complex chlorophyll hydrocarbon molecule. All I did was inject iron, zinc, magnesium and dozens of other micronutrient trace elements into trees in the ratios that God put in soil, trees, plants, ocean water and the human blood stream and let the processes go to work that God planned when He created life on earth. It is the result of an awesome Creator that placed these metals in just the right proportion to make all life. As an example, copper is an important trace element micronutrient for all plants but a little bit more copper kills plants. Each nutrient must be in the right proportion. God taught me a simple principle of Intelligent Design Theory and then He moved me on to other things.


Trace elements are normally found in minute amounts in the soil. These metals can sometimes be bound in some soils so the plants and trees cannot absorb them. In this case, or in deficient soils, a micronutrient injection in trees can be beneficial. The US Dept. of Agriculture has published information showing that the east and west coasts are deficient in these metals, with California and Florida extremely deficient, and areas around the Great Lakes, along the St. Lawrence Seaway and the states around along the Gulf Coast are deficient.


Trace elements, symptoms of deficiencies and the areas where they are generally deficient are:

Great agronomists understand plant nutrition, and can do great things for mankind through that understanding, but only God can make a tree. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask God how He made a tree? Jesus said you can reach God, but only through Jesus (John 14:6). And Jesus is standing at your door, knocking and asking if He can come in (Revelation 3:20).


Micronutrient trace element injections for trees and soil for plants cure many plant and tree diseases. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school. Life is far too complex to be an accident and to teach otherwise is to teach an unproven belief. To believe that all the micronutrient trace elements in trees, plants and soils came together by accident without proof is called faith. Blind faith is religion and should not be taught in secular schools unless all religion is allowed. To study how micronutrient trace elements work in trees and plants is science. To study how micronutrient trace elements work together for good is to study Intelligent Design precepts. Please see Related Links. To cause a tree that has never produced fruit to produce fruit by injecting micronutrient trace elements into it is a practical application of Intelligent Design Theory.


Copyright (C) 2007, 2012 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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