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92. Modern Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution Evidence and Proof

An entire book could be written about all the modern theory of evolution errors that have been exposed in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution evidence and proof. I will only list 28 of these errors here for the benefit of those who have never been apprised of them. Entire books have been written on each proof of Darwin's theory of evolution. To not fill up numerous pages citing references, I will leave it to you, the intelligent reader to look up references.


  1. The contention that variations within a species due to natural selection or survival of the fittest is proof of one species turning into another species.
  2. The peppered moth hoax with peppered moths glued onto tree trunks that they don't land on, especially during the daytime when birds can see them.
  3. The Piltdown man in which the jaw of an orangutan was attached to a human skull determined by carbon dating to be a thousand years old, after the jaw was stained with potassium dichromate to look old and the teeth were filed down to resemble human teeth.
  4. The Miller-Urey methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide experiment in which non-living amino acid (a chemical compound) was produced in a methane atmosphere that never existed on earth. Methane is the result of methanogenic bacteria feeding on dead plants and animals in an anaerobic environment.
  5. The skeletons of completely different mammals that lived at different times, even after the horse, lined up in size to look like the "evolution of the horse".
  6. Ernst Haeckel's speculation that human embryos have gills and his drawings of embryos made to look like an embryo could randomly evolve into a chicken, a human, a fish, turtle or a salamander.
  7. The misconception that a computer had simulated the evolution of the eye.
  8. The arrangement of fossils to make it look like one species evolved into another.
  9. A single tooth from a wild pig used to perpetrate the belief that Nebraska man was the entire missing link between monkeys and humans.
  10. The Orce man in which a skull fragment drawn to what a "17 year old man" looked like 900,000 to 1,600,000 years ago which was probably from a four month old donkey.
  11. The belief that Neanderthal, a skilled human of the past who believed in afterlife, was a skilled surgeon and hunter but who was really an ordinary human with arthritis and rickets.
  12. The Java man combined from a femur found fifty feet away from a skullcap and three teeth found a year later with two human skulls found in the same area.
  13. The denial that almost all living things appeared at once during the so-called "Cambrian" period, a period originally believed to be 530-520 million years ago, that is now scientifically proven when creation science discovered radio halo fission tracks in rocks, residual helium and residual 14C proven to have occurred during an accelerated radioactive decay period 6000 years ago.
  14. The claim that Archaeopteryx, a perfect flying bird had reptilian features.
  15. The false belief that living creatures have vestigial organs such the appendix and coccyx (tail bone) that are no longer used. It is now known that the appendix excretes a lubricant into the intestines. The coccyx is now known to provide an attachment for nine muscles, such as the gluteus maximus and anus sphincter, and as a shock absorber when humans sit down. The muscle attached to the coccyx is also necessary for defecation. Tonsils protect against throat infections.
  16. Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection established the false belief that mutations prove evolution even though mutants are always deformed, sterile and/or sickly, and any progeny that occur always revert back to the original species.
  17. The belief that similar organs in different species are evidence of evolution.
  18. The lie that brontosaurus, a dinosaur's skeleton combined with a skull found four miles away, actually existed.
  19. The Scopes trial that resulted in separation of church and state was perpetrated by actors, including the famous lawyers William Jennings Bryan, Clarence Darrow and the ACLU with a pre-planned purpose of outlawing once and for all the teaching of creation theories in secular schools.45
  20. The order of all living things is the accidental result of punctuated equilibrium.
  21. The non-existence of eyeballs on the bottom of feet or behind skulls and skin without openings, and of cats with wings on their noses and tails is because they did not survive; and obviously, only beneficial accidents are capable of making fossils.
  22. The universe was created by a collapsing star and rotates. And like super-cooled liquids, the rotation causes random swirls which are our galaxies. This falsehood and apparent chaos explains the harmony and order in everything that we behold.
  23. The speed of light
  24. Black holes
  25. Antimatter
  26. The evolution of cells and DNA molecules.
  27. The Ice Age protected bacteria while they evolved into animals! (4,350 years ago?).
  28. The list goes on in the battle of creation vs. evolution. Just look up evolution on the Internet, and you will be entertained for a long time.


Even though evolutionists have admitted that these were all errors, the errors are still in the textbooks and because of the Supreme Court ruling on separation of church and state, any teacher that contradicts them may be sued, fired and ostracized from the "scientific community". Apparently, lawsuits, fines and job security are evolutionists' most convenient means of proving evolution.


Defending fraudulent evolution results in a subconscious feeling of futility and despair because it is in total conflict with our desire to live and our constant struggle to survive. Belief in evolution causes people to think that they will either cease to exist or will suffer eternally in hell after death. Belief in creation results in experiencing comfort, happiness and confidence, because we will live forever in paradise after we die.


In addition to these misconceptions of proof of Darwin's theory of evolution is the inference that Christians and creationists are haters like Hitler. The truth is that Hitler was an avid evolutionist who according to his religion believed that evolution should be accelerated by exterminating all but the Aryan people. He began with 6 million Jews, but was interrupted before he could get to the blacks and all but white Caucasian Nordics. Other evolutionists who were firm believers in the evolutionary theory were Communists including their founders, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Mao who exterminated 70 million Chinese, Lenin and Stalin who exterminated 60 million. And today we have the evolutionist abortionists who have cleansed the United States of 36 percent of the blacks, and about 60 percent of future criminals, a population that declined, dramatically reducing crime in the 1990s, ten years after instituting abortion. This was all done out of love for Charles Darwin and the survival of the fittest, however. The theory of evolution evidence is not based on observable, measureable, or testable science, which is overwhelming proof of a highly questionable concept.


45. Edward J. Larson. Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion. New York: Basic Books, 1997.


Copyright (C) 2007 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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