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17. Intelligent Design of

The Moon and Planets - Protection from a Comet, Meteor Shower or Asteroid Hitting Planet Earth

Did you know that by Intelligent Design of the moon, planet earth is protected against most impacts from destructive comets, meteors, meteorites or asteroids? There are eight official planets, 130 satellites of the planets, and millions of meteors, comets and asteroids orbiting the sun in approximately the same plane as the ecliptic, which is a plane that most of the planets orbit around the sun. The ecliptic plane is 23o 26’ from the equatorial plane of the sun.


The moon is inclined about plus or minus 5o from the earth’s orbit, crossing the ecliptic about twice a month, and circling the earth every 27.32 days. The gravity of the moon is only 17 percent of the gravity of the earth, but strong enough to move many feet of tides of oceans back and forth across the earth. If the moon pulls the ocean toward it, it also attracts everything else on the earth.  Just because the rocks and mountains don't move toward the moon, that does not mean they are not attracted. I would guess that plants and trees move imperceptibly toward the moon. Animals are also attracted to the moon, as is demonstrated by menstrual cycles.


The moon is completely covered with craters on top of craters, while craters on the earth are very sparse. We can determine the age of the earth and the moon by the dust. As the moon circles the earth, it acts as a huge space vacuum cleaner, sweeping back and forth across the ecliptic and attracting almost every comet, meteor shower or asteroid that would hit the earth if the moon did not exist exactly where it is. The moon is our life-saver by Intelligent Design. If it were not for Intelligent Design of the earth and the moon, there would be no life on earth as a result of the enormous bombardment of comets, meteors and the asteroid belt that would otherwise hit planet earth. It is also possible that the planets also protect the earth from meteors and comets. Jupiter, having a mass 318 times that of the earth may have attracted the Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 so that it did not strike the earth. Mercury and Venus may protect the earth from projectiles from the sun. Is is probably also a certainty that all the planets protest the earth in God's infinitely intelligent design by intercepting many comets, meteors meteorites and asteroids, just as Jupiter recently did.  This is forbidden knowledge in our schools, and it is not against the US Constitution  to teach Intelligent Design Theory in public schools. The Supreme Court misinterpreted the Constitution.


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