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87. Niagara Falls Interesting Facts - - How It Was Formed, when It Was Made and Its Geological Erosion History

Here are some interesting facts on Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada and New York USA, how Niagara Falls was formed and when it was made. The place where the Falls first began is well established at 11.4 kilometers (7.1 miles) downstream from where it was in 1905. The geological erosion history of Niagara Falls from 1842 to 1905 before the hydroelectric plant was built at the Falls is also well known. This rate was 1.16 1.61 meters per year. This gives us an age of when Niagara Falls began as 7,080 9,827 years before 1905, assuming that the age of the earth and its erosion rate was constant. However, the hard limestone layer that the water flows over is about 40 meters thinner downstream than its thickness of 70 meters thickness at the Falls, meaning the erosion rate was greater in the past. There was also a greater flow of water in the past. The gorge downstream is much narrower than the present width of the Falls. These reasons for faster erosion in the past takes us back to the time of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood, 4,350 years ago, when Niagara Falls was formed by the melting ice from the glacier as determined by nuclear decay of radioisotopes.


Here we give interesting facts on Niagara Falls, the geological history of Niagara Falls, when Niagara Falls was made, how Niagara Falls formed and its erosion history. These facts all date back to the great flood of Noah and the Ice Age. If we look at the mudslides in the mountains of California, rock avalanches and erosion on mountains throughout the world, the sharp peaks in California and the West and East Coasts and the Swiss Alps and the Andes, and mountain ridges all over the world, we know that these mountains are very young, most likely beginning with the 365 day world time lines since Noah's ark. Niagara Falls is not the only erosion rate that we can date back to Noah's Ark and the flood. Wherever you see mudslides, erosion avalanches and sharp peaks, think of the proven erosion rate of Niagara Falls.


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