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23. Eight Proofs of Rapid Nuclear Decay of Radioactive Isotopes at the Time of Noah's Ark

Heat produced by nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes at the time of creation and Noah's Ark was dissipated by eight phenomena that simultaneously occurred. The problem of the heat energy that was generated through the rapid radioactive isotope nuclear decay during the Flood of Noah's Ark of Mt. Ararat might be explained by the following eight scenarios:


1.At the time of Noah's Ark, the fountains of the deep erupted with such force that the mountains were formed as evidenced by slanted and even vertical layers of subterranean earth over many parts of the earth. The subterranean heat and gas formed by rapid nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes produced this explosion. The oceans acted as an effective shield to radiation.

2.Some of the water and rocks reached escape velocities, and are now coming back to us in the form of meteorites and of asteroids made of either ice or rock One such rock now believed to have come from Mars with no possible logical explanation most likely came from earth and had earthborn bacteria in it.

3.Most of the water went up into the troposphere or ionosphere to be frozen and return to form polar ice caps as a massive ice dump following the earth's magnetic field and the Van Allen belt. Mammoths were instantly frozen in the Arctic that were munching on semi-tropical vegetation and are found frozen today with half-masticated tropical vegetation still frozen in their mouths. The amount of -273oC cooling in space exceeded the amount of heat produced by the rapid nuclear decay. Mixed fossils in the Badlands and Grand Canyon show how most all life was buried in silt at the same time.

4.Much of this water returned to the earth in the form of ice crystals that melted and cooled the earth's atmosphere on its way back and cooled the oceans.

5.The heat produced by the rapid radioactive isotope nuclear decay melted the core of the earth to keep the earth warm and to keep the lakes and oceans from freezing solid in spite of the extreme cold created by the ice age that followed the ice that was dumped on the two poles. The amount of cooling equaled the amount of heat produced plus the cooling provided by the ice age that followed. At near-absolute zero, space is capable of providing this amount of cooling.

6.At the time of the radioactive decay, the human life span changed from 700 1000 years to 70 years due to the great climatic changes that caused dinosaurs to become extinct.

7.At the time of this massive explosion, the earth's orbit around the sun probably changed from 360 days (the reason the ancients gave 360 degrees to a circle) to 365.25 days (the length of Enoch's life in years when he was taken to be with God). The Great Pyramid of Giza was called the Pillar of Enoch or the Tower of Enoch by the Ancients.

8. At the time of the explosion sand and rocks may have been vitrified due to the heat produced, e.g.


Two scientists have recently discovered that nuclear decay is faster when the earth is closest to the sun. This confirms that nuclear decay is accelerated by heat and other factors.


Heat energy produced by nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes at the time of creation and Noah's Ark was dissipated by 8 phenomena that protected the earth from excessive heat damage. These eight phenomena explain the Intelligent Design presumption of the dissipation of heat generated through such rapid radioactive isotope nuclear decay events during the Flood of Noah's ark of Mt. Ararat. During the time of creation, extreme heat was also most likely the cause of the rapid radioactive isotope nuclear decay.


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