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Section 2. Nuclear Decay

21. Nuclear Waste Management and Disposal

Using Intelligent Design Theory

Nuclear waste disposal can be accomplished through a process of electronic radioactive isotope treatment. Using Intelligent Design premises I scientifically developed a model of the atom, shown in Section 9 on the H2 Atom Model and Structure of Atoms and as opposed to the Niels Bohr model of the atom. The Intelligent Design Theory structure of the atom clearly demonstrates two basic principles as discovered by both conventional scientists and the ICR RATE group (Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth) of creation scientists. These scientists verified that twice during the history of the earth, there were periods of rapid radioactive isotope nuclear decays. My structure of the atom shows how nuclear waste can be rapidly neutralized today. Nuclear waste disposal will then be accomplished and non-radioisotope elements produced by the process.

Nuclear Waste Disposal Using Accelerated Radioisotope Decay

From Chapter 9 we now know that nuclei are proton-electron-proton (PeP) combinations with one electron on the outside of the PeP combination, trying to get between the two protons, but repelled by the electron that is already between the two protons. Let us look at U-235. U-235 is not 92 protons and 143 neutrons as nuclear scientists believe. It is 92 PeP's and 51 neutrons (Pe). We know that neutrons cannot exist in space without separating with a mean life of 932 seconds.


The neutrons are highly unstable, but captured between the PePs, so the entire uranium atom does not disintegrate within 932 seconds unless heat is added (a nuclear explosion), but it is easy therefore to extract an electron from the neutron. If we slowly extract an electron, the free proton immediately combines with another neutron to form a stable PeP. In this reaction, tremendous heat results because of the intense attraction of the neutron for the free proton. This can be seen by Equations 1 or 2.


(1)        2(Pe - e + Pe)    2PeP + 2e 2H2 + Heat Helium + Heat


(2)        In U-235, Pe + Pe   PeP + e + Heat  H2 + radon + a lower, more stable element


Simply stated, we must remove an electron from a neutron, leaving a free proton that quickly combines with another neutron because of the electric attraction, making PeP. Heat is generated. Then we must quickly put the electron back to make a stable PeP in the uranium atom, or if the PeP escapes, the electron we are adding back makes H2.  When we put the electron back, heat is again generated because of the strong attraction of the electron for the PeP.


This can easily be done by putting conductive plates on each side of the radioactive material and connecting it to an alternating current like a capacitor. Probably no radiation is given off because of the immediate combination of the free proton with another neutron. Actually, the amount of normal dormant radiation should be decreased, because an unstable neutron causing the radiation is being neutralized internally by the neutron the proton combines with. It is the deadly neutrons that can penetrate lead or boron that are being neutralized.


Of course, the material must be cooled as the process takes place. We would first start with a very low voltage alternating current. We would gradually increase the voltage until the reactions begin to take place in very low amounts. We would then increase the frequency to find what frequency eliminates the release of H2. If H2 is always produced, it can be collected and used as a source of heat energy when burned, or put to other beneficial uses.


So this invention comprises a capacitor with the radioactive material between the plates. The material to be treated may be on a conductive conveyor belt for continuous deactivation of material. Cooling must be provided either by passing water through cooling coils or other refrigerant means. Alternating current is applied to the capacitor plates and the voltage and frequency is adjusted for the best deactivation of the material.


It is obvious that many modifications and improvements may be made to this invention without departing from the teaching of this disclosure. The teaching is that radioactive material can be deactivated by placing the material between two plates having an alternating current applied.


An Intelligent Design theory view of my H2 Atom Model and the H2 Structure of Atoms clearly shows that reducing pressure, increasing temperature and ionization can result in rapid decay of radioactive materials by several orders of magnitude. These conditions obviously occurred at the times of creation and the Flood as discovered by Creation Science nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes and are occurring in space today. This knowledge can be used to solve today's enormous problem of nuclear waste management and disposal. To treat radioactive waste, simply place the material between plates of a capacitor in a lead and 10boron material (or other conductive metal) vacuum chamber, draw a vacuum, increase the temperature and vary the frequency and amplitude of the voltage until electrons are drawn off the capacitor and protons impinge on the lead  and 10boron container. Cool this container and ground it through a resistor so that voltage and current of the released electrons can be measured for control of the experiment. Nuclear waste can be quickly decayed to stable products such as gold, platinum and lead. The current through the resistor may be usable as a nuclear power source.


Nuclear waste disposal can be accomplished through a process of electronic radioactive isotope treatment. All it takes is a little Intelligent Design Theory.


Copyright (C) 2007, 2010 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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