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29. Quasars, Red Shift, Big Bang and the Age of the Earth

The Expanding Universe

The discovery that quasars are attached to galaxies and have more red shift than the galaxies indicates that there is more gas and dust in space around the galaxies. This disproves the Big Bang theory, the age of the earth and the expanding universe theory that is entirely based on red shift and the speed of light. Dr. Halton Arp discovered Conclusive Evidence for Non-Velocity Red shifts that quasars attached to galaxies have red shifts indicating, according to conventional astronomy, that the quasars are either racing away or toward the galaxies. Arp discovered that they are not. They are an integral part of the galaxies, indicating more gas in space around the quasars. Arp's many discoveries strongly confirm that the universe is not expanding, and the Big Bang did not occur.


Arp's discoveries about red shift and the speed of light and the rate of new quasars points to a young universe, not a universe about 4.5 billion years old, has shaken the scientific community. To solve the problem of Arp's disproof of the Big Bang theory and the expanding universe theory, Arp was excommunicated from the scientific community and most of Dr. Arp's web sites have been removed from Google. NASA apparently crops their images to exclude tails that show quasars connected to galaxies. Arp's conclusions are consistent with my belief that dust and gas in space cause the red shift in starlight rather than the velocity of stars. Big Bang and the expanding universe are disproved theories. The speed of light is slowing down due to dust and gas in space.


The discovery that quasars are attached to galaxies and have more or less red shift than the galaxies indicates that there is more dust and gas in space around the galaxies and disproves the Big Bang - Black Holes - red shift theories as evidence of the expanding universe theory. Dust and gas in space causes the exponential decay of the speed of light, and strongly supports the Biblical age of the earth as 4000 BC. Confirmation of the Biblical age of the earth has been firmly established by Creation Science nuclear decay of radioisotopes dating.


Red shift of light from quasars disproves Red Shift and Big Bang Theory as evidence of the age of the earth and expanding universe. Dust and gas in space and around quasars disprove the evolution argument. Michelson & Morley made false conclusions as a result of their experiments. They thought that the speed of light would be different if measured in one direction versus the opposite direction because of the earth racing through space. What they failed to realize is that both the transmitter and receiver of the light are traveling in the same direction. So it is like tossing a ball back and forth on a train. It takes the ball the same time to travel from one tosser to the other, and Michelson/Morley proved nothing. From this, Einstein believed that the speed of light is constant, regardless of the direction it is traveling. All of the great scientists today base their theories on Einstein's constancy of the speed of light.

But these same great scientists now know that quasars moving around galaxies have much different red shifts in their light. This proves that all their theories are wrong, especially the Big Bang Theory. So they excommunicated the great astronomer that made that discovery, Dr. Halton Arp. This does not answer a very good question, however. "Does the speed of earth's rotation plus its orbital velocity have an effect on the light from stars relative to our approaching or receding?" This would tell us if the speed of light is constant or not. We know that the speed of light has Doppler Effect, i.e. a shift due to its speed, which is an indication of the speed of light not being constant regardless of the direction the source is moving. Dr. Halton Arp's discovery that quasars have much greater red shifts than the galaxies they are part of proves that different light sources have different red shifts not related to velocities, but rather the nature of the light source and the dust and gas surrounding it.

The speed of the earth around the sun is about 100,000 km/hour, compared to the speed of light at 300,000 km per second. The rotation of the earth is only about 1000 miles per hour, which is inconsequential. The earth's orbit around the sun would give a difference in velocities of about 1/(3 X 3600) or about 0.00009, which is only 27.8 km/sec compared to 300,000 km/sec, and within the error of measurement. I think this velocity is much too small to be detectable in whether the star is approaching or receding from the earth, so my answer to whether the speed of light is different if the earth is receding from or approaching a star is, "I don't know, because it probably cannot be accurately measured." In conclusion, quasars disprove Red Shift and Big Bang Theory as evidence of the age of the earth and expanding universe, and whether or not the speed of light today is constant cannot be measured accurately whether stars are approaching or receding from the earth due earth's velocity around the sun, and neither did Einstein or today's scientists know. All we know is that dust and gas in space today have decreased the speed of light compared to the time of creation, when there was no dust or gas in space.

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