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Section 23. Modern Astronomy Versus Creation Science

106. Red Shift, Speed of Light, Age of the Universe, Big Bang Theory vs. Creation Science

Red Shift and the Age of the Universe

Secular scientists believe that the light from stars 13 billion years ago is just reaching us. The concept of an old universe is based on what evidence supports the false assumption of the red shift theory and the speed of light. They believe that red shift of light from stars is because the stars are racing away from the earth. In reality, red shift of light from stars is caused by dust and gas in space, which is proven by comets in space and quasars. From their false red shift theory, scientists believe that the universe is 4.5 billion years old. Now that we know the truth about red shift, let us look at what we would see if the unscientific Big Bang theory vs. Creation Science were true.

Speed of Light, Big Bang and the Age of the Universe

Suppose the Big Bang really did occur 4.5 billion years ago as evolutionists claim. Then the Big Bang created the light from an explosion that is 4.5 billion light years away from us and we should be seeing that light as it was 4.5 billion years ago. This means it should not appear as billions of stars, but as a blinding flash of Big Bang.


The false concept of red shift dictates that stars dispersed all over the universe 4.5 billion light years away from us should not appear all over the universe as we see them today, but all stars would be in the same place, since that light would just now be reaching us. No stars greater than 4.5 billion light years away should be seen today. If this were true, the night (and day) sky would not appear as it is today, but as a blinding flash, and there would be no stars 4.5 billion light years or greater away because their light has not reached us yet. Today, we should be witnessing the formation of the entire universe and its galaxies as clouds of gas coming together.


If stars progressed from a large cloud of gas to a "young adult" star, we should see those clouds of gas today. If the gas evolved into the Giant Stage to the Pulsating Stage to the Supernova stage to the dwarf or black hole stage, or second-generation star, such as the sun, we should see each of these separate stages in distinct equally distant layers in the universe as they moved away from the Big Bang 4.5 billion years ago. Stars in these various stages cannot be randomly dispersed as we actually see them, because the light from billions of years ago should now be reaching us. A cloud of gas cannot be at the same distance as a dwarf or Black Hole, but should be much farther away. Instead, we now have Black Holes in the centres of every galaxy; evolutionists must now revise the Big Bang theory again. We should see a blinding flash at 4.5 billion light years distance, and a cloud of gas inside of that. Then we should see a spherical dispersion of young adults inside the cloud of gas, and so on. The only possible explanation must be that the stars were not at the position of the Big Bang 4.5 billion years ago, but were near where they are today.

Creation Science

Incidentally, since red shift makes all stars appear to be racing away from the earth in every direction, the earth must be near where the fictitious Big Bang occurred. The truth is, red shift is not from stars racing away from us, but is a slowing of the frequency of light from dust and gas in space. The stars are relatively stationary, except for their revolutions around galaxies, and have been since the time of creation.

Lack of detection of neutrinos has proven that nuclear reactions on the sun and stars do not occur. Collection of gas into stars because of gravity can never produce enough compression to cause nuclear fission. The behaviour of the sun tells us that it is not billions of years old. Its pulsations in diameter, solar winds, solar flares, and variations in sunspots, magnetic field and temperature all show us that the sun is a temporary fixture in the sky. Everything we now know about the sun tells us that it has only lasted a few thousand years and will soon explode and melt the earth.


The Bible predicted fresh water springs in the ocean three thousand years before divers discovered them (Job 38:16). The astronomy Bible verses about the Milky Way Galaxy and dust and gas in space predicted many scientific discoveries such as the rotation of galaxies and that the sun revolves around the Milky Way (Psalm 19:4 6).  Long before we had telescopes the Bible said that the number of stars was not the two thousand that we could see, but are more than the sands of the seas or the dust of the earth, (Genesis 13:16 and 22:17). The Bible predicted hundreds of events such as Jesus being born in Bethlehem of a virgin (Micah 5:2 and Isaiah 7:14). The Bible predicted the discovery of the law of entropy (Psalm 102:2527; Isaiah 51:6) and the destruction of the earth and sun as the sun soon explodes as we can see other stars exploding (Joel 2:3031 and 2Peter 3:10, 12).


Now let us take another step back to time t=0. Before t=0, there was nothing material. Space is not spiritual, but is material. Nothing means no matter existed, no space existed and no light existed. It is like when you are asleep and not dreaming. Nothing exists. If a Big Bang occurred, it must have been the almost infinite or infinite amount of matter created from nothing at t=0. The only possible explanation is that there must have been a spiritual world before there was a material world. God simply took spiritual thought and the entire universe came into existence just as we see it today, or we do not exist. Take your choice. Some evolutionists do not believe that they exist; they are perplexed that they think, just as they are perplexed about all the contradictions in everything they believe.


Belief in God is the beginning of love, peace, joy and a life of  comfort, thoughts, mind power and wisdom. Wisdom is the basis of morality. Morality is the beginning of harmonious life. Harvard, Yale, Columbia and many other Universities began with a firm belief in God. These schools turned out citizens that made this country great. Today they produce socialist evolutionists immersed in contradictions and improvable theories. These colleges today destroy any belief in God and they teach the exact opposite. Send your Christian children to any of these schools and they will come out hating you and God. Humanism and the unconstitutional and illegal separation of church and state has replaced wisdom and morality and "if it feels good, it is morally right". Character is gone. The key to happiness is now fun and excitement. The Bible teaches that trials and tribulations lead to happiness (Romans 8:28 and James 1:2 5). Childbirth is painful. The result of childbirth is a lifetime of happiness. Humanism creates trials and tribulations. If we learn from the results of humanism, we will begin to acquire wisdom and forsake our troublesome ways. Unfortunately, without belief in God it is doubtful that we will learn from the trials and tribulations caused by secular humanism. The red shift theory, the speed of light and what evidence supports the Big Bang theory and the age of the universe vs. creation science is clearly on the side of creation science. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school.


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