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15. Intelligent Design of the

Rotating Earth, Earth's Magnetic Field, Eddy Current and Dynamic Braking

How does the earth rotate when earth's magnetic field produces eddy currents to generate dynamic breaking? Dynamic braking should stop the earth from rotating within twenty minutes! While studying electronics, I learned about dynamic braking. When a magnet is rotated in a magnetic field, it produces eddy currents in the magnet that cause the magnet to stop rotating. Dynamic braking used to be used as brakes for streetcars. The earth has an enormous magnetic field with enormous eddy currents that keep the interior of the earth hot. So I asked the Lord in Jesus name  (John 14:6; Revelation 3:20) why the earth at its present velocity of rotation does not stop rotating within twenty minutes. What makes the earth continue to rotate? The answer instantly came to me, "The wind!"


Because of Intelligent Design, as the earth rotates, the sun heats the air near the equator, causing the air to rise. This accounts for the hurricanes produced as a result of Coriolis Effect. It also accounts for the zero-to-ten mile per hour easterly winds near the equator, and described in THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1978). As the air rises into the stratosphere, it spreads out in a northerly and southerly direction, cooling and returning to the low pressure region created at the surface of the earth by the rising warm air. It returns with westerly winds in the temperate zones, moving hundreds of miles per hour (the jet stream) in the upper atmosphere to an average of about thirty miles per hour at the surface.


A westerly wind at thirty miles per hour blowing against a single tree results in a force on that tree of hundreds of pounds, pushing the tree eastward. With trillions of trees, other plants, mountains and other obstructions to the wind on the earth, an enormous force causes the earth to overcome dynamic braking and continue rotating. A miracle of Intelligent Design is that the force of the wind on the earth's surface exactly matches dynamic braking, or the earth’s rotation would either slow down or speed up.


You may question this because winds generally travel in circles. This is correct, but the circular air paths always move toward the east. As weather reports show, the entire circle of wind moves toward the east at an average rate of about thirty miles per hour all over the world in the temperate zone, causing a net force to the east on the obstacles of trillions of tons or greater (see Appendix 1).


Now's let's ask God a question. Why did God in His infinite wisdom make deciduous trees to lose their leaves in the winter and place deciduous trees in the temperate climates? The answer is very simple: The leaves on deciduous trees catch the wind in the summer when the winds are from the west in the temperate climates. They lose their leaves in the winter when the winds are from the north when north of the equator, and from the south when the winds are south of the equator. This wind would cause the earth to wobble.  Let's ask Him another question. Why in His infinite wisdom did He make conifers that catch the wind all the time and place them on the mountain tops? The answer again is simple: At higher altitudes, the wind is always from the west.


The enormous planet Jupiter has a huge gaseous atmosphere and a magnetic field ten times that of the earth that creates climate change on Earth. Jupiter is 1,317 times the size of the earth and 318 times the mass of the Earth. Because of this enormous atmosphere and magnetic field, the wind on Jupiter causes it to rotate every 11 hours.


The result of the earth's rotation is heat produced by the electrical eddy currents in the interior of the earth. This keeps the earth warm and results in volcanoes, geysers and hot water springs in the ocean. If the earth did not rotate, it would be frozen solid on one side and too hot for life to exist on the other side. Why does the earth rotate? Our rotating earth is the result of Intelligent Design to create and preserve life on earth, and Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in secular schools. The wind causes the earth to rotate even though dynamic braking due to the earth's magnetic field should cause it to stop rotating.


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