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118. Segregation . . . Growing Kids God's Way

God warned His people those who believed in Him throughout the Old Testament to not mix with the unbelievers.  Those who do not believe in God destroy themselves. They destroy themselves through HIV AIDS, abortion, venereal disease, drugs, drunkenness, smoking and other bodily abuses, murders, suicides, poverty, starvation and even cancer and disease as a result of unhealthy life styles. In the end they even destroy their eternal lives. This is how God works in their lives. He lets them destroy themselves through their own imaginations. So those who believe in God and Intelligent Design should not mix with those who do not believe, except to offer compassion and advice. Jesus went to the sinners to give advice, not to adopt their practices. Christians are segregated against by our government in public schools. Segregation from secular schools and street gangs is growing kids God's way.


Satan is not about others; that's their business. Satan is about us, you and me. Most Christians do not understand Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design is the way God created things. You are told to resist Satan, and he will flee from you (James 4:7; 1Peter 5:8, 9). If you resist Satan he will not flee from others, he will only flee from you. We can only live in perfect health with perfect harmony in life, in perfect answers to prayers, in victory over Satan, if we can resist Satan in every possible way. The key to growing kids God's way is to segregate your kids from the ungodly in a spirit of love and compassion.


If we resist terrorism, we do not become terrorists. If we resist murder, we do not become murderers. If we resist abortion, we do not abort our own children. If we resist drugs, we do not become drug addicts. This has nothing to do with others. We are constantly criticizing, condemning and judging others, which Jesus told us not to do, or we would be judged. Resisting Satan is taking control of us, not others. But I know of very few Christians who resist Satan, including myself. We can love our enemies without becoming one of them. That is growing kids God's way . . .  segregation.


Anything that God did not design is not from God. God made natural sugars in our foods. God did not make high fructose sugar, man did. If we eat high fructose sugar, we eagerly invite Satan into our bodies that are supposed to be temples of the Living God. High fructose sugar enters into us and has a party. We get diabetes and heart disease. We end up with our feet amputated, on dialysis, blind or die of heart attacks. We let our children get diabetes by the time they are fifteen. If we resist high fructose sugar, the desire for it flees from us. We start looking at labels to see if what we are eating is from the Intelligent Designer, or from men that don't understand Intelligent Design. Then we refuse to eat high fructose corn syrup with a passion, and we become healthier. Segregate yourself and your growing kids with healthy organic food instead of artificial foods, artificial food coloring and flavors. That is God's way.


We hate murder and abortion and drugs, but we embrace man-made pesticides, and use them on every weed, every insect, everything we can think of and eagerly let them come into our bodies. Then we wonder why we have cancer that many of our Christian friends have already died of. Pesticides were made by atheists and were not made by Intelligent Design, so if we resist them, our desire to use them will flee from us, and we will not get cancer. Segregate yourself and your growing kids from man-made pesticides and artificial cures of all kinds, God's way.


We think we are such good Christians because we try to obey the Ten Commandments. But the sad fact is, we embrace Satan when we eat trans-fats and other artificial things that God did not create, and Satan enters into our life and takes it over so that we become addicted to high fructose sugar, pesticides and trans-fats or hydrogenated oils. Just like Satan, demons come into our lives ten times more than we had before, and they kill us, they drive us insane, they cause weird behavior resulting in poor human relations and unanswered prayers. Then we blame God, or wonder why He did not answer our prayers. Segregation from artificial food and drink additives is God's way of protecting your growing kids.


We think we are so holy. Yet we let ourselves and our children take artificial coloring and flavors and preservatives into their bodies. Our children get attention deficit syndrome, dyslexia and become hyperactive. These are forms of insanity, described in the Bible as demon possession. If we resist these things, the demons will flee away from us. Segregate your growing kids God's way.


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