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18. Intelligent Design of

Human Skin Color, UV Radiation and Vitamin D versus Darwin Natural Selection

Is skin color caused by natural selection or is skin color evidence of Intelligent Design? An atheist would not dream of asking God why humans have different colors of skin. To them, skin color and vitamin D overdose and vitamin D deficiency and skin problems are just an accident of natural selection. But let's be different for a moment and ask the Intelligent Designer. Don't be fooled by those who sell you sun screen and sun glasses. Vitamin D is essential for your health, putting calcium in your bones where it belongs instead of letting calcium cause heart disease. The sun was provided by our Intelligent Designer and is good for your health. Vitamin D helps prevent cancer, heart disease, viruses, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, multiple sclerosis and other health problems.

The answer to skin color is of course, Vitamin D. Humans cannot get enough Vitamin D for their needs from foods. The main source of Vitamin D is produced by God-given sunshine on the skin. Vitamin D deficiency results in numerous very serious diseases ranging from rickets that result in soft bones and skeletal deformities, Osteomalacia that results in weak bones, bone pain and muscle weakness, pancreatic enzyme deficiency that inhibits fat absorption, Crohn's disease which is an inflammatory disease of the intestines and bowels, diarrhea and fat malabsorption, cystic fibrosis which is thick mucus clogging of the pancreas and lungs, sprue or celiac disease which is an intolerance to gluten that prevents digestion and fat absorption, liver disease resulting in multiple problems, osteoporosis characterized by fragile and fractured bones, to cancer and Alzheimer's disease.


Vitamin D deficiency is the most likely reason that colds and the influenza season lasts from late fall to late winter. Vitamin D tablets in the winter are much better for preventing influenza than are flu shots. But be sure you get the right kind. Most Vitamin D sold is useless. Be sure to get Vitamin D3.


Too much vitamin D causes skin problems, nausea and vomiting, poor appetite, constipation, weakness, weight loss and high levels of calcium in the blood that result in abnormal heart rhythm and calcinosis, which is the formation of calcium deposits in any soft tissue.


As people are exposed to sunlight, the skin darkens so that less vitamin D is produced. This explains why people living in intense sunlight, such as Africans have darker skin than those in northern or extreme southern climates, such as Norwegians who have very light skin. The color of the skin is determined by the brain, which senses from eyesight the amount of sunshine. African Americans in northern climates suffer from vitamin D deficiency because they do not get as much sunlight as their skin required in their original habitat. In 2003, twenty out of twenty-one infants suffering from rickets in Memphis, Tennessee were African Americans.


Skin cancer is not caused by too much sunshine. It is caused by sunburn, which is too much sun initially. If white humans would get sunshine in the spring when the sun is low in the sky during the day as God intended, they would gradually tan and would not burn. They would not get skin cancer. Then as the sun goes lower in the fall, the tan gradually reduces to enable whites to produce the same amount of vitamin D as when they are tanned.


Our Creator also arranged for all kinds of pathogens to be destroyed by sunshine on our skin as the blood flows though capillaries and blood vessels under our skin. This ultraviolet radiation is now being duplicated artificially. Again, it is necessary that the right amount of sunshine is applied; White persons in the tropics can get too much, and dark-skinned persons in the cold climates get too little. When your exposed skin turns red in the wintertime, it is because the capillaries are closer to the surface and can be irradiated by the sun. The capillaries then carry the irradiated blood to the rest of your body that is covered. When sleeping, earth's electrotherapy and magnetic therapy will also deactivate pathogenic bacteria and viruses if you position your body East and West while sleeping.


In the early spring when white skin is first exposed to sunlight, the skin turns pink, and even to red. This is Intelligent Design to put our small capillaries as close to the surface of the skin as possible to enable sunlight to radiate the blood and produce Vitamin D. Simultaneously, pathogens that have increased in the bloodstream during the winter months are killed.


Because the brain senses the amount of sunlight from the eyes and tells the skin what color it should be, messing with God's Intelligent Design by using sunscreen or wearing sunglasses or ultra violet-limiting contact lenses causes skin cancer. Sunglasses and sunscreen tell the brain that there is not enough sunlight to produce vitamin D. The brain then makes the skin lighter. Not only sunburn and skin cancer result; other vitamin D-related sicknesses occur.


Vitamin D overdose and vitamin D deficiency and skin problems are the result of violating Intelligent Design by where on this planet people live. Problems develop when people do not live where God placed them. This could not have been the result of natural selection over millions of years. It had to be built into humans when they were first created because the earth was already rotating at that time. Just like every other organ that humans and animals have, millions of years to develop each organ would have resulted in extinction of all plants and animals millions of years before they developed. It is obvious that skin color, vitamin D overdose and vitamin D deficiency and skin problems are not caused by natural selection, but skin color is evidence of original Intelligent Design.



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