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Section 10. Atoms and Molecules

59. Intelligent Design Theory of

The Structure of Atoms and Molecules . . . The Colors of Gold and Carbon, the Shape of Salt, Quartz and the Size of Silica Sand Crystals

Carbon Atom and Diamonds

The first paragraph of the Preface to this book on gravity and the structure of the atom tells how I learned about electrons, molecules, and the fallacies in the Niels Bohr model of the atom and what makes up an atom from a study of Intelligent Design Theory. If you found a diamond in a diamond crater, its natural shape would be octahedron - - eight-sided. If you found a smaller diamond, its shape would be octahedron. If you found a diamond smaller yet, its shape would still be an octahedron; and so forth until you found the carbon atom structure. As we discovered in the previous Section, the shape of a carbon atom is octahedron. We can now discover the structure of molecules based on the structure of atoms. We can know why carbon and gold are the colors they are, why salt crystals and quartz crystals are the shape they are, and why grains of silica sand crystals are strictly limited in size.


From a study of Intelligent Design, we now know that the outer electrons in a gold atom vibrate at a rate of about 503 terahertz and move a distance of about 597 nanometers toward and away from the proton-electron-proton combinations. This determines the color of pure gold. The Bible tells us in Revelation 21:18 and 21 that when we have a new heaven and a new earth, the gold will be as transparent as clear glass. This must mean that impurities in gold today prevent the gold vibrations from passing through the metal.  Now we are beginning to learn much more about atoms than we previously knew. The color of gold or any material is the result of its resonance or non-resonance of light frequencies and the distances that the outer electrons travel when they vibrate.

Salt, Sand, Glass and Quartz

Now that we know the shape of a carbon atom, we know that a single molecule of sodium chloride (salt) is in its salt crystal cube shape. We know that a single molecule of silica glass, SiO2 is a rhombohedral form of quartz, a hexagonal prism with a six-sided point on each end, the same as we find in a quartz crystal. At the tip of each end is a single SiO2 molecule having the same shape as quartz crystal. This crystal can grow very large, even with impurities in it to make various gemstones. The impurities cause some frequencies of light to not resonate so that we get different colors instead of perfect for different gem stones.


Quartz is used to make resonant frequency generators in radios. We now know that the electrons of a quartz molecule self-resonate at a certain extremely high frequency and that as more quartz atoms are added to the crystalline form, the resonant frequency decreases. We also know that outer electrons in the quartz molecule easily vibrate at the frequency of light, so light can pass through.


What would a study of Intelligent Design Theory involve? Let us begin at one of the most basic principles and go from there. Have you ever wondered, for example, why a grain of sand does not vary in size from microscopic to boulders or larger up to the size of a mountain? Is there an intelligent purpose for sand? Why is a grain of sand the same size anywhere in the world? Are the answers to these questions given in the nature of the atom as just described? Are the answers related to Intelligent Design Theory of the electron and proton? Was the complex chemistry of all life, from DNA to hormones and enzymes an accident, or the result of Intelligent Design?


The average size of a grain of sand varies only from 0.125 2.0 mm, depending on the ratio and mineral content of feldspar to quartz (silica). Apparently these molecules, excluding the infinitesimal electronic charge of gravity, have charges that can only be satisfied by a specific number of other silica and feldspar molecules. Once these charges are satisfied, this cluster of molecules has no affinity for other silica or feldspar molecules. The grain of sand will grow no larger. It also does not grow smaller. While a grain of sand may be simply a subject for college chemistry, there are a near-infinite number of things we have yet to learn about the near-infinite complexity of millions of life-forms on the earth, any single process of which each life-form would not exist if the electron and proton could not cause the chemical elements to combine in the proportion and complexity that they did.


From the structure of the atom as taught in Section 9, we know that the free electrons in silica, SiO2, vibrate at the same frequency as the light that passes through it. We also know that these electrons cannot vibrate at the same frequency as ultra violet light because ultra violet light does not pass through glass.


A study of Intelligent Design taught me the structure of atoms and molecules, the colors of gold and carbon and the shape of salt crystals and quartz crystals and why silica sand crystals are limited in size. The way DNA molecules went together is not an accident. It was a miracle based on Intelligent Design of the atom. The more we study, the more we should become convinced that a study of Intelligent Design Theory of God-centered science and Godless technology is warranted by revocation of the unconstitutional Supreme Court separation of church and state ruling in our classrooms. A good start would be studies of gravity, light, electricity and the unique properties of water, explained in the following Sections.


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