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76. Symbiotic Relationships in Nature and Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible

Symbiosis in Plants and Animals

There are millions of symbiotic relationships in nature, and this is explained in the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. Most plants either die and become food for animals or shed their leaves or seeds annually. This deposition leaves a mulch of organic matter on the floor of a forest or other plant habitat. In some forests, the annual deposition amounts to as much as six inches per year. If it were not for worms, insects and microorganisms that compost the dead leaves, trees and plants would suffocate in their own droppings within a few years, nor could their seeds germinate and grow. Trees could not survive for millions of years without good bacteria, because they would be buried in thousands of feet of undecomposed organic matter. It is axiomatic that insects and microorganisms must have been created within a few years of trees and plants, not millions of years. Insects or microorganisms that must feed on plants could not have existed before the plants. They would have to come into existence at approximately the same time. Symbiosis between plants and animals requires that plants become food for animals and dead animals decompose and become food for plants. They would have to come into existence at approximately the same time or would have nothing to feed on.

Most plants produce flowers that must be pollinated by bees and other insects each spring. Plants could not have lived millions of years before bees or other insects. These insects could not live millions of years before the plants.  For the first of these plants to have reproduced, insects had to be created during the same year as the plant. We hate flies, but flies biodegrade human and animal feces for us. We cannot eat crows, vultures or ravens, but they are humankind's best friends, cleaning up the garbage for us.

Symbiosis of the Universe

There is a purpose for everything. All things in the Universe interact in marvelous ways. The moon causes tides on earth and menstrual cycles affecting all life on earth. Jupiter in its eccentric eleven-year orbit around the sun is a mean distance from the sun of 778,330,000 km, 5.2 times as far from the sun as the earth. From that enormous distance Jupiter causes the eleven-year sun spot cycles, causes the sun's magnetic field to flip 180 degrees every eleven years, and heats the interior of the earth, causing an eleven year global warming cycle on the earth and other planets. Jupiter has a sixty-year eccentric cycle in its orbit around the sun, causing sixty-year global warming climate change cycles on the earth. There is probably a symbiotic relationship between all stars, our galaxy, the sun, the earth and plants.

There are beneficial relationships between all beings and all things. Just as the sun causes flowers to blossom in praise of the sun, the ebb and flow of the stars and galaxies interact with microscopic plants animals and atoms, and vice versa, for the benefit of all life.

Symbiosis of Our Actions

The work we do and the contributions we make have a symbiotic relationship with God and the Universe. Even beneficial gifts are the wondrous results of labor. The rest that follows hard work is far more restful than rest that follows rest. It is an immutable and continuously verified law of Intelligent Design that God rewards those who cheerfully give to God and to others. The amount of the donation has no bearing on the amount of the blessings that God bestows on the giver. God knows the heart of the giver and just like the widow that gave her last coin to the church; God heaps health and fraternal blessings according to your heart. There is symbiosis in all of our actions.

Symbiosis in the Poisonwood Bible


The Poisonwood Bible is a masterfully written fiction story that relates Barbara Kingsolver's, the author's dislike for crooked American government (as 76 percent of all American's now agree), her dislike of European governments, her preference for communism (which 76 percent of all Americans are now trying to prevent in America), and her disbelief in God (that 92 percent of all Americans believe in). Without realizing that it was the result of Intelligent Design,  Barbara Kingsolver explains why human babies must crawl before they walk in order to straighten the spine and to activate the brain after spending nine months doubled up in a womb. Despite Kingsolver's disbelief in God, she tells in a wonderful novel about a crazed missionary and his wife and four daughters without realizing it, how an Intelligent Designer created nature so that all living things become consumed by all other living things in a masterful plan in order to perpetuate all life. In John 12:24 (NIV), Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." That was one of Jesus' descriptions of symbiosis. Without the symbiosis between all living things, plants, animals and minerals, there would be no life on earth today. I know of no scientist that has done a better job of explaining symbiosis than does Barbara Kingsolver in The Poisonwood Bible.

Science has discovered a multitude of exclusive plant and animal symbiotic relationships, plant and plant symbiosis, animal and animal symbiosis and the symbiosis of all these for the minerals of Intelligent Design. One could not exist without the other. Many more relationships than are now known will surely be discovered, as Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible concisely points out. The Holy Bible tells us that plants were created in one day, and animals the next day. This not only makes sense, it cannot be disproved, and total symbiosis on a daily basis is the only possible way life can exist. Symbiotic relationships in nature are explained in the Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible. Symbiosis proves that all things had to exist at the same time in creation and that evolution is impossible.

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