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Table of Contents: Intelligent Design Theory -- Creationism vs. Darwin Evolution

Preface. Intelligent Design Theory Explains 2 Mysteries: Gravity and the Structure of the Atom


Foreword. Three Important Events Not Taught in School: Time of Creation of the Earth, Noah's Ark and Jesus' Death and Resurrection


Section 1.1.  Creation Science vs. Evolution                                         

           2. Intelligent Design of Life, Health, Organic Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Animals and the Evolution Corn Food Network

           3.. Anaerobic and Aerobic Disease Bacteria - - HIV, H1N1 and Swine Flu Virus

           4.  Micronutrient Trace Elements Injections for Trees

           5. Einstein Relativity, Gravity, Speed of Light, Bending of Light and E=mc2

           6. Electron Beam Van de Graaff Generator Alternative Energy Source Using Thermionic Emission

           7. Electromagnetic Wave for Natural Cures of Bad Backs due to Spinal Cord Damage                                                                                

           8. Water Treatment vs. Watershed Management, Lake and Pond Dredging, Harvesting Weeds, Chemical Treatment, Pesticides and Conventional Drinking Water Treatment                                                                                  

           9. Water Pollution Control 

          10. Water Pollution Treatments of Weeds and Algae, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Iron and Manganese with Oxygen, Magnesium and Calcium

          11. Intelligent Design to Dredge Organic Sediment (Muck) for Thousands of Years

          12. Acid Rain Cause and Effect and the Benefit of Forest Fires

          13. Intelligent Design Theory of Global Cooling and the Carbon Dioxide Global Warming Climate Change Hoax

          14. Intelligent Design Theory and 37 Facts About Radon Gas Mitigation and Where the Radon Element Came From, Radium, Uranium, Chlorine and Fluoride

          15. Earth Magnetic Field, Eddy Current, Dynamic Braking and the Rotating Earth

          16. God and Bible Science Resulted in a US Patent on Ocean Springs for the Water Shortage in California and the World from the Book of Job 38

          17. Intelligent Design of the Moon - Protection from a Comet, Meter Shower or Asteroid Hitting Planet Earth

          18. Skin Color - - Natural Selection or Evidence For Intelligent Design?

          19. 18 Intelligent Design Theories in the Bible and Medical Science of Healthy Organic Food, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Vs. Junk Food

          20. Two Reasons a Squirrel Buries Its Nuts

Section 2. Nuclear Decay

          21. Nuclear Waste Disposal

          22. Creation Science Discovers 2 Periods of Rapid Nuclear Decay of Radioactive Isotopes

          23. Heat Produced During Rapid Nuclear Decay of Nuclear Decay of Radioactive Isotopes


Section 3. The Age of the Universe: Evolution Science vs. Creation

          24. 3 Simple Facts of Creationism vs. Evolution

          25. God and the Size of the Universe     

          26. 5 Facts about  Big Bang, Black Holes and Red Shift

          27. Dust and Gas in Space and the Speed of Light in Vacuum, Air and Water and the Time of Creation of the Earth           

          28. Comets in Space

          29. Quasars vs. Big Bang and the Age of the Earth           

          30.. Supermassive Black Holes Facts about Quasars and the Big Bang Theory

          31. Five Facts About Antimatter and Big Big Bang Theories that Contradict Black Holes

          32. Astronomy and Bible Verses about the Milky Way Galaxy vs. Space Dust and Gas

          33. UFO sightings and Reports Giving Evidence of Aliens and the Government Response - Flying Saucers, Egyptian Pyramids, Obelisks and Extraterrestrial Life

          34. Intelligent Design Theory of Intelligent Design Theory of Astrology and 12 Zodiac Astrological Signs, Symbols and Meanings


Section 4. Forbidden Knowledge: The Age of the Earth

           35.  Age of the Earth Based on Erosion of the Euphrates River into the Persian Gulf

           36.  Age of the Earth based on Earth and Moon Dust 4 Billion Years Ago
           37.  The Age of the Earth Based On Intelligence of Creation vs. Evolution


Section 5. The Creator of the Universe

            38.  Does God Exist? Forbidden Knowledge 

            39.  Latest News on the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill Vanishing Faster than Expected and Intelligent Design Theory

            40.  Entropy, Evolution, Energy, the Big Bang Theory, Atoms and Consciousness

            41.  Intelligent Design of Planet Earth and Its Life

            42.  Creation of the Universe - God and Intelligent Design Theory


Section 6. Consciousness, Intelligence and Thought

            43. Life, Consciousness, Intelligence and Thoughts versus Evolution


Section 7. Separation of Church and State

            44. The US Constitution, Supreme Court and Separation of Church and State


Section 8. The Sun

            45. Intelligent Design Theory Looks at Sunspots Facts and Nuclear Reactions on the Sun, Sunspots, Earth and Diamonds


Section 9. The True Structure of the Atom

            46. Intelligent Design of the Atom and the Universe and the Hidden Nature of God and Jesus Christ

            47. Intelligent Design Theory Gives the True Structure of an Atom and Its Atomic Nucleus Models

            48. Intelligent Design Theory of the Niels Bohr Model of the Atom

            49. What Makes Up an Atom, Its Neutrons, Protons and Electrons and Its Nucleus?

            50. What is an Atom?

51. Intelligent Design Theory of the H2 Hydrogen Atom Model Atomic Structure with Proton, Neutron and Electron

52. Intelligent Design Theory of the Helium Atom Model, Atomic Structure and Picture

53. Intelligent Design Theory of the Lithium Atom Model, Atomic Structure and Picture

54. Intelligent Design Theory of the Beryllium Atom Model and Beryllium Crystal

55. Intelligent Design Theory of the Boron Element Atom Model

56. Intelligent Design Theory of  the Carbon Atom Model, Atomic Structure and Diamond Picture

57. Intelligent Design Theory of the Periodic Table of Elements

            58. Jesus Christ and the History of the Atom


Section 10. Atoms and Molecules

            59. The Structure of Atoms and Molecules . . . The Colors of Gold and Carbon, the Shape of Salt, Quartz and the Size of Silica Sand Crystals


Section 11. Gravity and Antigravity

            60. Isaac Newton, Gravity and Antigravity and the Universal Law of Gravity


Section 12. Forbidden Knowledge of Light and Gravity

           61. Photons and Electromagnetic Waves and the Speed of Light Energy

           62. Is Light Energy Photons or Electromagnetic Waves?

           63. Intelligent Design Theory of the Speed of Light and Electromagnetic Waves - Electrons, Protons, Sunset and Sunrise

           64. Intelligent Design Theory of Light and Gravity


Section 13. Electricity and Magnetism

            65. Intelligent Design Theory of Electricity, Magnetism, Batteries and Static Electricity


Section 14. 66. Water

            23 Unique Properties of Water


Section 15. The Web of Life

           67. The Web of Life: Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Hydrocarbons Produce Flora and Fauna - the Plant and Animal Cycle

           68. The Process of Photosynthesis Simplifies Basic Organic Chemistry Reactions

           69. The Hydrogen Atom, H2, Water, Carbon Dioxide and Photosynthesis

           70. Evolutionist Misrepresentation - How Life Began with Methane, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide?

           71. The Water Molecule, Micronutrients and Trace Elements Essential for Life

           72. Intelligent Design Creation of the Earth Versus Theory of Evolution Methane and Primordial Soup           

           73. Intelligent Design of Acid Rain in the Web of Life

           74. Intelligent Design of Chlorophyll: Symbiosis of Minerals and Organic Molecules

           75. Intelligent Design theory of Human Anatomy, Organs of the Body and Symbiosis of Plant and Animal Structure

           76. Symbiotic Relationships in Nature and Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible

           77. Fossils and the Fossil Record

           78. Fossils, Symbiosis and Creation Negate Punctuated Equilibrium

Section 16. Prayer

           79. Jesus Christ the Alpha and Omega vs. Kumari - Forbidden Knowledge

           80. Answered Prayer Through Jesus Christ and the Will of God

           81. Talking to God for Answered Prayer - - How to Pray


Section 17. Genesis

            82. Adam and Eve of the Genesis Creation Account of Clothing, Sacrifice and the Sabbath


Section 18. Forbidden Knowledge of the Great Flood

            83. Forbidden Knowledge: Noah's Ark and the Flood

            84. Ancient History of Babylon and the Flood of Noah's Ark

85. The Delaware Indians' Powwows, Myths, Religion and Creation Stories

86. Forbidden Knowledge of the Tower of Babel, the Chinese Temple of Heaven and Ancient Chinese Carving of Noah's Ark

87. Niagara Falls Interesting Facts - How it was Formed, When it was Made and its Geological Erosion History

88. The Grand Canyon and Badlands Dinosaur Fossils Give Proof of the Great Flood of Noah

89. The Ireland Céide Fields in Mayo County is One of the Famous History Sites Giving Facts on the Flood of Noah

            90. Evidences of The Great Flood Are Carbon Dating, Fossils, Mountains, Meteors, Dinosaurs and Mammoths


Section 19. Evolution versus Intelligent Design Theory

            91. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest

92. Questionable Proof of Modern Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution Evidence

93.  Evolutionists Believe in Thousands of Plant and Animal Miracles

94. 37 Facts of Creation vs. 30 False Theories of Evolution                                                                 

            95. Supreme Court,  Separation of Church and State and the US Constitution             

            96. Evolution Evidence in Different Modern Theories of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution                                                      

            97. Radioactive Decay, Carbon 14 Dating, Helium in Diamonds, the Great Flood and the Creation of  a Young Earth              

            98. Creation of Cells, DNA Molecules, Galaxies, Black Holes and the Speed of Light versus Evolution                                                                             

            99. Intelligent Design Theory Should Be Taught in School


Section 20. Ancient Use of Intelligent Design Theory

            100. Ancient Civilizations, the Druids, Easter Island, Sabian Magi and Sri Lanka Knew and Used Intelligent Design Theory                                        

            101. Intelligent Design Theory of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt                                     

            102 The Bible and Evolution Myths and Miracles


Section 21. Darwin's Theory

            103. The Science of Evolution

22. Intelligent Design Theory of Space

            104. Hot Sun, Stars and Planets in View of Near-Absolute Zero Space Temperature

            105. The Nikola Tesla Air Compressor, Generator, Water Pump and Vacuum Turbine Was Based on Intelligent Design Theory of a Spiral Galaxy.

Section 23. Modern Astronomy Versus Creation Science

            106. Red shift theory, the speed of light and what evidence supports the Big Bang theory and the age of the universe vs. creation science

Section 24. Alternative Energy

            107. Utilizing Intelligent Design Theory for Renewable Alternative Energy Sources Such As Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Stream, Chemical, Heat, Electrical and Light


Section 25. The Mind, Politics and Religion

            108 Atheism, Socialism and Communism versus God, Jesus Christ and Capitalism

            109. Albert Einstein, George Washington Carver, Louis Pasteur and Other Famous Scientists in History and Their Religious Beliefs

            110. Intelligent Design Theory for a Love of Life, Peace of Mind, Joy and Comfort Through Thoughts and Mind Power

            111. Intelligent Design Theory of Mental Telepathy and the Electron and Proton, Ants, Bees, Humans, Dogs and Cats

            112. Conscience and the Ark of the Covenant in the Charles Darwin Evolution - Creation Debate of Agnosticism and Atheism

            113. The Haiti, Chile and Japan Earthquake Disaster - the Tea Party and Jesus Christ 

114. The Karl Marx to Woodstock Festival 1969 Legacy: Barack Obama Socialism vs. Holy Bible Study and the Ten Commandments 

115. Intelligent Design of Barack Obama, the Unemployment Extension, Illegal Immigration, Tax, Islam, Illegal Drugs, the Economy and the Constitution

116. How to Survive the Charles Darwin- Karl Marx Inspired United One World Government Tribulation, Armageddon and the Apocalypse

I17  Intelligent Design Theory of Jesus, Charity, Income Tax, Communism and Socialism

118. Segregation – Growing Kids God's Way

119. Home Schooling Is Not the Answer to ACLU - Supreme Court Secular Schools

            120. Intelligent Design Theory - Evolution vs. Creationism

            121. God – Jehovah, the Father, Jesus the Lamb of God and the Holy Spirit

            122. Nostradamus, Black Hole, Mayan, Nibiru 2012 End of World Predictions

            123. The Return of Jesus Christ Parable – Ten Virgins, Lamp Oil and the Holy Spirit

            124. God the Alchemist - Alchemy and the Biological Transmutation of Hydrogen and the Elements
            125. Words of Wisdom and Knowledge, Law of Love and Instructions for Evil Governments and Natural Disasters

            126. God the Father of DNA, Jesus who holds all things together with laminin and the Holy Spirit that gives life through mitochondria
            127. Jesus Christ Appeared to Me


Appendix 1

The Earth Is Not Flat and the Earth's Rotation Were Taught Thousands of Years Before Copernicus, Galileo and Max Planck


Appendix 2
360 vs. 365 Days in a Year Pre-Flood World Time Line and Noah's Ark


Appendix 3

Global Warming, Fossil Fuels, the World Oil Supply


Appendix 4

Intelligent Design Theory of Human Viruses and Virus Protection


Appendix 5

A Walk in the Woods, Thanks to Intelligent Design         


Appendix 6

Bermuda Triangle GPS (Global Positioning System), Automatic Direction Finder, the Magnetic Compass, Attitude Indicator, Altimeter and Radar Altimeter Errors


Appendix 7

Intelligent Design of Electrotherapy for Natural Healing of H1N1 Swine Flu, HIV AIDS Virus, Cancer and Other Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi


Appendix 8

Exodus 20 Lists the Ten Commandments in the Holy Bible and Torah Now Banned by the US Government


Appendix 9

How to Prevent Death to Heaven or Straight to Hell from an Airplane Crash in a Tailspin


Appendix 10

The Question of God and Science- - and the Answer in Intelligent Design


Index - Intelligent Design Theory - - Creationism Vs. Evolution Book Keywords


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How H2 Combines To Form The Other Elements.

Melting and Boiling Points of Water Placed vertically in the Periodic Table of the Elements

Melting and Boiling Points of Water Placed Horizontally in the Periodic Table of the Elements     

Dielectric Constants of Liquids and Solids

Specific Heats of Liquids and Solids

Specific Heats of Various Elements

Organic Compounds

Formic Acid Series Based on Intelligent Design

Formaldehyde Series Based on Intelligent Design

Oxalic Acid Series Based on Intelligent Design

Methanol Series Based on Intelligent Design

Methane Series Based on Intelligent Design

Acetylene Series Based on Intelligent Design



Measurements of the speed of light in space with time

Intelligent Design Theory of Gravity inside the Sun



Effect of micronutrients on the growth of blue spruce trees

Maple trees injected with trace elements

Result of soil treated with trace minerals

High Voltage Thermionic Energy Converter

High Voltage Thermionic Energy Converter Assembly

Natural lake, pond, river and reservoir restoration

Dust and gas in space

Ionized space gas in front of a comet

Niels Bohr's not one scientific fact concerning the atom

Intelligent Design concept of a picture of a neutron

Intelligent Design concept of a picture of the H2 atom

A more reasonable Intelligent Design concept of a picture of the helium atom

Intelligent Design picture of what the lithium atom more likely looks like   

Intelligent Design picture of the Beryllium atom and Beryllium Crystal

Crookes Radiometer rotates in opposite direction of imaginary photons

Intelligent Design picture of the boron atom

Picture of Intelligent Design of the carbon atom in the shape of a diamond and a diamond crystal

A young virgin worshipped in Nepal

Chinese Temple of Heaven

Ancient three-tiered Chinese alter for worship according to Genesis

Ancient Chinese stone carving of Noah's Ark of Mount Ararat Turkey


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