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33. UFO Sightings; Reports and the Government Response - Aliens, the Pyramids, Obelisks and Extraterrestrial Life

In contrast to government responses to UFOs, many UFO sightings and reports give evidence that flying saucers and extraterrestrial alien life may exist. Many who believe in God, and many scientists do not believe in flying saucers, UFOs, aliens or life on other planets. Those who believe the Bible have trouble with the spaceship described in the first three chapters of the book of Ezekiel. Others either dismiss reports or the news media conceals the millions of visual sightings that have been reported worldwide, including the 12,618 UFO sightings investigated by Project Blue Book, the government collections of UFO remains at crash sites and threats to those who saw them, as reported in many History Channel reports. Likewise, the enormous structures, enormous figures carved on mountains, stones weighing hundreds of tons that were cut and moved many miles to and then up on the Pyramids, and how hundreds of ton ancient Egyptian obelisks were cut and moved many miles and then raised to an upright position hundreds of feet high remain unexplained. Without writing a book, the pictures of spaceships and strange-looking humanoids in caves and pyramids are likewise unexplained. Does life exist on other planets? What is the possibility of aliens and life on other planets?


Most Christians, because God cares about us, and perhaps some scientists, because of big bang, black holes, red shift theory all the stars appear to be racing away from the earth believe that the earth is the center of the universe. Our government has spent billions of dollars building transmitters and receivers in attempts to communicate with extraterrestrial aliens. If there is indeed an Intelligent Planner, it seems highly unlikely that He (or It) would create 1018 or more stars having 1019 or more planets without placing life on some of those planets. It seems to me that God has a purpose for everything, including other stars with planets. But it would take too long for beings from other planets to reach the earth without running out of food or dying first.


My belief in flying saucers is based on a sighting of a UFO twice from the roof of the astronomy building at University of Michigan by an entire astronomy class of about thirty-five students and their professor, Dr. Lawler in the fall of 1957 while charting the stars. Dr. Lawler told the class the next day that she received about a hundred phone calls from local residents that night. I was in that astronomy class. What we saw was a disk travel at least three thousand miles an hour with no sonic boom, stop above us instantaneously without slowing down and hover over us at about three thousand feet for about ten or twenty minutes with a pulsating red light all the way around it, and then instantaneously move from a dead stop to about three thousand miles per hour again, make a sharp ninety-degree turn at the same speed without slowing down, and race off to the horizon. About twenty minutes later it returned at the same speed from the place it left, made another sharp ninety-degree turn and left. No human could be in a vessel that goes from 3000 mile per hour to a dead stop without being crushed and vaporized. No human being could go from a dead stop to an instantaneous velocity of 3000 miles per hour without disintegrating. No human could stand a right angle turn at 3000 miles per hour and live. This event was reported about eleven years later in the NICAP Journal, the National Investigation Committee on Arial Phenomena.


The U.S. Air Force has explained such phenomena as weather balloons. Balloons do not travel 3000 mph and instantly stop and stand still for ten or twenty minutes and start at 3000 mph instantly, making 90 degree turns at 3000 mph, phenomena that our entire Astronomy class and Professor Lawler observed and talked about for a long time. On the way home that night, I was astonished to see an enormous cigar-shaped vessel hanging perfectly still about 75 feet above woodland by our dormitories and making no noise whatsoever. No one can convince me that I and a class of thirty-five students and a college professor along with hundreds of residents did not see a flying saucer that night, as reported in the Ann Arbor News the next day and in the NICAP Journal eleven years later. In contrast to government responses to UFOs, there are many reports of UFO sightings that give evidence that flying saucers and extraterrestrial alien life may exist.


These UFO alien entities, denied in government response reports, are far from being human. They are far more intelligent, and are completely immune to the laws of gravity and inertia, being able to withstand instantaneous starts, stops and turns at tremendous speeds that would crush any living being on earth. Yet there are some unanswered questions in the puzzle. The many persons that have died and gone to heaven and came back to tell about it all describe seeing their loved-ones, relatives, other humans and familiar plants, flowers, trees and animals in heaven. No creatures that look like the UFO aliens have been seen in heaven. So where are they? All angels that have been seen on earth throughout history looked like humans. Are there other heavens, or do these creatures not go to heaven? Who built the pyramids, obelisks and other enormous structures, statues and carvings on top of mountains? We know next to nothing about extraterrestrial life, except that it may exist.


However, in their book EXO-VATICANA, the authors Cris Putnam and Thomas Horn (2013) made an intensive and revealing study of UFOs and came up with very logical explanations. I highly recommend this book.


Ever since seeing two different UFO's, I have questioned, how can these beings travel the great distance from another star or galaxy and not die of old age or die from hunger? How can these beings survive the thousands of gravity forces going from 3,000 miles per hour to an instantaneous stop, or going from a stop to an instant 3.000 miles per hour? How can a UFO travel faster than the speed of sound without causing a sonic boom? A fellow Christian recently gave me the possible answers. These are physical beings; they may be demons. An indication that they may be demons from Satan is that when they have tried to abduct Christians, when the Christians told them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, they instantly and fearfully fled. They will not leave if you tell them to leave in the name of  Apollo or Buddha, or some Hindu god, or in the name of Allah or Mohammed. But they do leave if you tell them to leave in the name of Jesus. It seems that the pyramids, obelisks, and other amazing stone structures and carvings may have been performed by these same demons, because all of these structures are satanic, either phallic symbols or monuments worshipping the same sun, moon and stars that the highly advanced Masons and Illuminati worship in accordance with Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. And this may explain the Government response, since the government may be controlled by the Illuminati. The pyramids, obelisks and UFO sightings and reports versus the government response give evidence that flying saucers and alien life exist.


It seems that there are several life forms of which humans are unknowledgeable. There is self-existent God of the universe that created all of these life forms. These life forms include angels that are spiritual, but can materialize at will. Although there are many statues and ancient paintings of angels with wings, angels do not necessarily have wings. They do not require UFOs to space travel, nor do they take light years to get here. Angels can be either good or bad, as can alien creatures that fly in UFOs. God set angels here on earth to watch over us, and they were called Watchers. Watchers are described in the books of Enoch, a human who walked with God and learned many secrets, such as may have resulted in the building of the pyramids, obelisks and other stone structures carved in odd shapes that fit together with laser-like precision and weigh up to hundreds of tons that were moved from rock quarries to the many places where they stand by means that we cannot comprehend to this day. Watchers and giants are also described in the Bible and in Sumerian writings. These Watchers materialized and had sex with human women, resulting in the Nephilim, or giants that have inhabited the earth and caused God to destroy almost all human and animal life through the Flood of Noah. Fossils of these giants have been found all over the earth, and are always disregarded or hidden by evolution-promoting scientists, the Smithsonian Institute and many archaeologists who believe in or promote evolution. These Watchers also had sex with animals and produced strange creatures such as animals with human heads and humans with animal heads which are depicted in paintings and carvings all over the earth. Contrary to the false beliefs of evolutionists, humans cannot create children by having sex with other species, nor can other species have sex with species other than their own and create children that have then have children. But the Bible tells us that demons can possess both humans and animals. These demons are not from outer space, but they rule the atmosphere around the earth.


These are more probably fallen angels, demons who follow Satan, the leader of the fallen angels and who are spiritual beings who like to inhabit human bodies. There are aliens who use UFOs to travel, but can withstand instantaneous enormous changes in inertia without being crushed or exploded. These aliens can be good or evil as can any of God's life forms. All of these life forms are described in many publications, paintings and carvings and do not need more references of sightings or more fossils to establish credibility. Yet humans remain unknowledgeable about their past or present existence or what they really are and do..


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