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71. The Water Molecule, Micronutrients and Trace Elements Essential for Life:

It is important to understand that the micronutrients, elements, water molecules and other molecules required for life today are not a serious consideration of evolutionists and their theories. Serious study would most probably lead to the conclusion that methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide are not a viable media for life. As in the examples above, water must have a narrow range of qualities, or life cannot exist in it. The pH must be in a narrow range. The water hardness and alkalinity must be in a certain narrow range.


a. Carbon Dioxide:  Carbon dioxide is an important component of life cycles. It is produced by animals and consumed by plants. Plants use carbon dioxide in the Intelligent Design of the process of photosynthesis to produce oxygen.  Animals need oxygen. Oxygen is converted back to carbon dioxide by animals, for plants. Animals combine the oxygen from plants with carbonaceous matter that was first produced by plants.  There are strong symbiotic relationships between the needs of plants and animals for carbon dioxide and oxygen. Yet both plants and animals die when carbon dioxide or oxygen levels become too high or too low. Thus we see the results of Intelligent Design.


b. Oxygen:  Oxygen is required in the free form by all fauna except anaerobic bacteria. Plants require oxygen during respiration at night as part of the plant growth process. It is released in greater quantities by plants in the daytime, during photosynthesis. Under natural conditions, oxygen is only produced in the free form by plants. Therefore, flora are necessary for most fauna to exist.


c. Minerals:  Plants, oxygen and water comprise the major food source for animals. Carnivores get their hydrocarbons from animals that first ate hydrocarbons containing minerals from plants. 


Minerals are first cycled by plant photosynthesis into organically bound minerals. These hydrocarbons are then consumed by animals. They are converted back to inorganic minerals as waste products and dead animals are decomposed by predators, insects and microorganisms. Thus, simultaneous plant life is necessary for animal life and simultaneous animal life is necessary for plants a fact of nature that evolutionists misrepresent. Even anaerobes must have organically bound minerals, with rare exceptions.


d. Water.  Water is essential for life. Evolutionists hide the unique properties of water that chemistry and physics say cannot exist because it strongly points to an Intelligent Designer. For life to exist in the beginning, water had to be of good quality, without excessive ammonia, carbon dioxide  and methane polluting it. The result was that huge animals, including giants lived before the time of the flood.


e. Micronutrients: Micronutrient Trace elements are essential to life in the exact proportion found on earth. Each element must be in a range that is similar to that found in the sap of trees, the blood of animals and the ocean today. Oxygen and carbon dioxide each have values that they cannot be below or exceed, or life cannot exist. Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and sulfur dioxide cannot exceed certain levels. The imaginative primordial soup theory of the evolutionists violates all of these principles. Micronutrients, trace elements, water molecules and other molecules required for life today are not a serious consideration of evolutionists and their theories.


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