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10. Intelligent Design of Five

Water Pollution Treatments with Oxygen, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Manganese to Counteract Nitrogen and Phosphorus

for Weed and Algae Control

Five water pollution control chemicals, dissolved oxygen, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese are used in Godís Intelligent Design of water treatment for lakes, ponds, reservoirs and rivers to remove phosphorus and nitrogen, weeds and algae and counteract water pollution. When I became a Christian, I asked the Lord what unique properties of water He used to cause lakes to stay clean for thousands of years. The first answer came when I was in the bathtub, and we had run out of water softener. I was surprised to see a white scum on the surface, and immediately realized that soap (in those days) was made of phosphorus, and it was combining with calcium and magnesium due to the hardness of the water. I jumped out of the tub and ran downstairs to my laboratory in our basement. I put together chemicals to duplicate water hardness and put it in my sonís fish tank that was full of algae. One fish was on its side dying. The next morning, the tank was crystal clear and the sick fish was very much alive and chasing the other fishes.


Next, I learned that when a water body is oxygenated all the way to the bottom as God arranged with spring and fall turnover of lakes in the temperate zones and periodic hurricanes or torrential rains in the tropics, iron and manganese are catalysts that cause phosphorus and nitrogen to bind to the sediment. By oxygenating water, adding calcium and magnesium to increase the hardness of water, phosphorus and nitrogen become so low that weeds and algae are controlled. But as a result of Intelligent Design, enough weeds are left to provide a place for fish to spawn and hide from predators, and enough algae is left to provide food for zooplankton, tiny insects that are food for small fishes. This water treatment greatly reduces water pollution and improves water quality. In the process, odor is eliminated.


I utilized Intelligent Design of five chemicals: dissolved oxygen, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese to remove phosphorus and nitrogen and reduce weed and algal growth in 1970. This restored the first lakes and ponds in the world, two years before the Clean Water Act was passed and the US Environmental Agency was formed. This process using Intelligent Design Theory has now restored about four thousand lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wastewater treatment lagoons and backyard ponds since 1970. See Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in public schools.


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