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9. Intelligent Design of

Water Treatment --

Unusual Properties of Water for Pollution Control of Lakes, Ponds, Gulfs, Reservoirs, Rivers and Wastewater

In the beginning, our Intelligent Creator designed the hydrogen and oxygen atoms to produce unique properties of water that everything we know about chemistry and physics should not occur. Ice should not float. If ice sank as it should, all oceans and lakes would freeze from the bottom up, and there would be no life on earth. Water should not exist at earth temperatures, but should be a gas instead. Ice should melt at -80 degrees C, and water should boil at -70 degrees C. The result of these and many other unusual properties of water is life on earth and natural water treatment, restoring lakes, ponds, bays of the ocean, reservoirs and rivers and wastewater treatment.


From 1970 to the present time my use of Intelligent Design concepts of the unnatural properties of water and the natural processes for restoring lakes, reservoirs and rivers enabled me to restore over three thousand ponds, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and wastewater treatment lagoons throughout the world (see biography). This utilizes natural inversion of water bodies which according to physics should not occur, water hardness, beneficial bacteria and enzymes and symbiosis of plants and animals that counteracted water pollution for thousands of years. Because I believe in Jesus (John 3:16) and no one comes to the Father except through Jesus (John 14:6; Revelation 3:20), God taught me a simple principle of water treatment using Intelligent Design Theory. Simply duplicate and accelerate natural processes that God put in water when He created the earth, duplicating (1) natural lake, pond, river and reservoir aeration, (2) water hardness and (3) natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs will restore themselves. Using this technique, the mayor of Fourmies, France won the two highest environmental awards for restoring the Helpe River, I received an environmental award in India for restoring polluted lakes, and about three or four thousand other polluted water bodies have been restored. The result of using Intelligent Design theory is the solution to acid rain lakes, removal of disease bacteria, organic muck, weeds, algae, iron, phosphorus and nitrogen, odor removal and improvement of water quality. Use of Intelligent Design theory enabled me to greatly improve wastewater aeration systems. For more information on the restoration of lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers and wastewater see The scientific community has largely rejected this Intelligent Design theory process of water treatment that also reduces carcinogens, pesticides and pharmaceuticals in drinking water, preferring  ineffective watershed management, dredging, harvesting and chemical pesticides. Why? This God-given process of water treatment using Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in secular pubic schools. 






A polluted Korean gulf of the ocean is restored using all-natural processes of Intelligent Design Theory. These water treatment processes include natural aeration processes that duplicate and accelerate spring and fall inversion for restoring lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers and wastewater treatment, and adding natural bacteria and enzymes and natural chemicals found in water that result in water hardness.


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