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Six Ineffective and Harmful Methods of Treating Water Pollution

Intelligent Design Theory of

8. Water Treatment Vs. Watershed Management, Dredging, Harvesting Weeds, Chemical, Pesticides and Drinking Water

Our secular schools prevent teaching the unique properties of water that God used for thousands of years to preserve lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Intelligent Design Theory makes use of this knowledge for natural water pollution control. As a result, tens of thousands of students graduated from our colleges and universities to waste hundreds of billions of dollars on artificial processes that have failed thousands of times. Some of these artificial processes would be useful adjuncts in combination with Intelligent Design Theory of natural water treatment processes. But used alone they have largely been failures. Intelligent Design Theory enables safe, healthy water treatment of water pollution control versus six unnatural methods of watershed management, lake and pond dredging, cancer-producing pesticides and herbicides, weed harvesting, and drinking water treatment, using non chemical water treatment to avoid the dangers of herbicides and other pesticides.

Water Treatment with Watershed Management:

Modern science attempts to prevent all nutrients in the watershed from entering water bodies. This has some limited beneficial results. However, watershed management is contrary to Intelligent Design Theory that requires nutrients in water bodies for a balanced food web and beneficial fish growth. Watershed management ignores the massive release of nutrients from the bottom sediment that dwarfs all incoming nutrients and produces weeds and blue green algae. Watershed management ignores Intelligent Design processes that prevent nutrients from being released from the sediment. It ignores natural processes that enable bacteria and insects to biodegrade organic sediment. It ignores natural processes for removing odor from water bodies and for controlling aquatic weed and algal growth. It ignores the natural processes for improving fish growth and health. It ignores those natural methods of killing coliform bacteria to prevent beach closures. Watershed management results in only five to thirty-five percent reduction of fertilizers in the water bodies at enormous expense, while duplicating and accelerating Intelligent Design of periodic inversion of water bodies reduces both fertilizers and other pollutants in the water by 97 percent or more.

Watershed management used to be called 'nutrient diversion'. After wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on failures using nutrient diversion, the process was renamed 'watershed management' and continues to waste hundreds of billions of dollars. There are instances where watershed management could be beneficially combined with Intelligent Design Theory to help reduce fertilizers from entering highly polluted bodies of water. However, fish farmers have added fertilizers and other nutrients to fish farms for many years to produce rapid growth of fish. Adding fertilizers properly in combination with other natural processes that God put in the water would be the correct use of Intelligent Design Theory.

Water Treatment with Dredging:

Godless science lacks the understanding of how things work, using six ineffective, harmful and often cancer-producing methods of water pollution control. If there is muck on the bottom of a lake, godless science says use human ingenuity to build a machine (dredge) to remove the muck. Dredging makes a lake deeper, but does nothing to improve water quality, nothing to control blue green algae, nothing to prevent fish kills, nothing to improve fish growth and health and nothing to reduce disease bacteria. Yet dredging is taught in universities as a method of restoring lakes, rivers, reservoirs and ponds resulting in billions of wasted dollars while study of Intelligent Design of water pollution control of water bodies is prohibited by the unconstitutional ruling of the US Supreme Court Separation of Church and State.

God-centered science duplicates and accelerates natural processes that God put in the water when He created it. This includes natural periodic inversion of lakes that puts oxygenated surface water on the bottom and rids the bottom of toxic gases that prevent beneficial microorganisms from naturally dredging organic sediment. Lack of oxygen on the bottom prevents beneficial insects from feeding on the muck or the bacteria, depending on the species, and prevents fish from feeding on the insects, which are the best food for fish. Using Intelligent Design Theory results in discovering natural processes that God put in the water to effectively remove organic muck. Intelligent Design Theory results in muck removal with improved water quality, prevention of fish kills and increased number of fish and their growth rate.

Water Treatment with Weed Harvesting

If there are too many weeds in a lake, godless science uses human ingenuity to build a weed harvester or produce herbicides that are harmful to fish, aquatic life and humans. Man's ingenuity is to either pull the weeds out or to kill the weeds. Weed harvesting spreads weeds because the fragments of several weeds can produce new weeds. Weed harvesting pulls thousands of small minnows and beneficial insects out of the water with it. Weed harvesting does little to improve water quality, nothing to control blue green algae, nothing to reduce algae, nothing to remove organic sediment, and nothing to prevent fish kills or improve fish number, health or growth rate.

Water Treatment with Chemical Pesticides:
Poisonous herbicides kill the weeds. Because the fertilizers are still in the water, this causes blue green algae. Poisonous algaecides kill the blue green algae, and because the fertilizers are still in the water, this causes weed growth. In these processes, the weeds or algae lie on the bottom and rot, releasing the bound phosphorus and nitrogen back into the water and creating anaerobic (no-oxygen) conditions on the bottom. While the toxic residues of the poisons cause cancer and heart disease in humans. Lack of bottom oxygen causes a massive release of phosphorus and nitrogen from the sediment and destroys water quality. With more phosphorus and nitrogen in the water, weeds or algae grow more abundantly, and more poison is required. Herbicides or algaecides wreck water quality. They do nothing to reduce organic muck, nothing to remove odor, and nothing to improve fish growth and health or prevent fish kills. In fact, fish kills often result from their use. They are known to cause cancer in fish. Weed harvesters, cancer and heart disease-producing herbicides and algaecides are taught in our universities and colleges, but God-centered science studies of Intelligent Design Theory of water pollution control that duplicates and accelerates natural processes that improve the environment are prohibited from being taught in our schools. Natural processes oxygenate the water bodies to bind phosphorus and nitrogen to the bottom sediment and improve water quality. Binding phosphorus and nitrogen to the bottom sediment to become food for beneficial bacteria, insects and fish results in less plant growth and improved fisheries. A study of US Supreme Court prohibited Intelligent Design Theory utilizes water hardness and beneficial microorganisms to precipitate phosphorus and results in less weed and algal growth. For natural, successful solutions to lake, pond, reservoir, river and wastewater pollution problems over the past sixty-five years based on Intelligent Design theory, see

Intelligent Design of Water Treatment for Safe Drinking Water:

Potable water treatment plants in the United States use poisons such as chlorine, fluoride and alum  to "clean" the water that we drink, while European nations use ozone based on Intelligent Design Theory. In the United States, chlorine is used to kill bacteria. Chlorine causes cancer and heart disease. To keep the chlorine active as it passes through the water pipes, the chlorine is ammoniated, producing one of the most carcinogenic chemicals ever devised by those who do not understand Intelligent Design. Fluoride is added to the water, with the knowledge that fluorine causes osteoporosis, brittle bones, brittle teeth and cancer. Up to 1600 parts per million aluminum sulfate is added to the water to remove suspended particles while we are told not to cook with aluminum pots and pans because the approximate 4 parts per million of aluminum dissolved may cause Alzheimer's disease. The rate of Alzheimer's disease is increasing exponentially because of Godless science.


In Europe, drinking water is treated according to Intelligent Design. Evaporation purifies water when the water is evaporated from the oceans, lakes and rivers. Ozone in the atmosphere and ultra violet light from the sun kill bacteria and other pathogens. Europeans either distill their water or add ozone, or radiate the water with ultra violet light and often use combinations of these products of Intelligent Design Theory. Reverse osmosis is another application of Intelligent Design Theory. While cancer is caused in both regions by the use of pesticides, according to Medscape Medical News (,  "The greatest differences were seen in the major cancer sites: colon and rectum (56.2% in Europe vs. 65.5% in the United States), breast cancer (79.0% in Europe vs. 90.1% in the United States), and prostate cancer (77.5% in Europe vs. 99.3% in the United States)". These percentages would be even much less in Europe if they did not use Godless pesticides for their crops and lawns.


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