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Section 15. The Web of Life

67. Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Hydrocarbons, and Flora and Fauna - Plants and Animals Cycle

In the web of life, fauna depend on flora for life. Plants take up carbon in the form of carbon dioxide and the unique properties of water to produce hydrocarbons, and release oxygen to the atmosphere in the process. Fauna depend on flora for oxygen and for those hydrocarbons in the process of photosynthesis that plants produce. If a certain animal species is carnivorous and does not eat plants, it eats other animals that have ingested plants. This perpetuates the web of cycles.


Fauna, including bacteria, take up oxygen produced by plants and give off carbon dioxide and fertilizers necessary for plant life. Flora could not exist for billions of years without fauna, and fauna could not exist without flora for millions or billions of years, as evolutionists claim. Because of the complete symbiosis of plants and animals such as birds and bees, co-evolution of plants and animals did not occur. All fauna and flora had to be created at the same time. Plants utilize the fertilizers and carbon dioxide produced by live or decaying animals, along with the motive means of animals to pollinate plants. Animals need the hydrocarbons and oxygen produced by plants. The next page explains how carbon dioxide is made, the carbon dioxide cycle and the oxygen cycle.


Scientists now know that plants, including trees produce an innumerable number of different chemicals and gases to protect themselves from predators, heal their wounds, attract creatures that help propagate their species, produce fruits that cause animals to spread their seeds, and produce untold numbers of chemicals that do not benefit the plants, but benefit and keep alive the animals that feed on them, and animals that perform other functions such as fertilization. Scientists now know that plants even have the ability to communicate with each other. Some scientists now believe that plants actually have intelligence that "evolved" over millions of years. This is where scientists have failed, having been taught in Godless schools. See;

Ask any scientist, "Which evolved over millions of years first . . . male or female?" There are no transitional fossils that show plants or animals evolving from one species to another or from one sex to another. All plant fossils are the same as plants that exist today. There is no science or logic whatever in believing that plants or animals could live millions of years before "evolving" self-perpetuating chemicals and gases. They all would have died within the first few years. The web of life utilizes carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrocarbons and flora and fauna in the extremely complex life cycles of plants and animals to enable life to exist, even in the first few years that flora and fauna co-existed. Otherwise, there would be no life on earth.


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